A Good deed is never lost (Moral Story)

Moral Story

 A long time ago a little boy lived in a village with his grandmother in a small hut. They love each other very much. They had a small piece of land , on which they grew vegetables and used to sell them in the village market by which they earned a small amount of money that wasn't enough to fulfill all their needs. Though they were poor but were very kind and helpful by nature. They were always ready to help others.
     One day the small boy was going somewhere, on the way he saw that some thorny sticks were lying in the middle of the path. The boy thought that someone could get hurt by these thorns. He threw them away so that no one would get hurt. An angel was flying in the sky, she saw the boy doing that. She landed on the earth and disguised herself as an old man. Angel went to the boy and said to him, " You have a heart of gold my child. I want to give you a reward for the good deed you have done." She then gave him some seeds and said, " Go and plant these seeds on your land." 
 The boy went to his grandmother and told her all that happened. Grandmother planted the seeds in their garden and after that they went to sleep. Next day when they woke up in the morning they went to their garden and what they saw was very surprising and wonderful. Where they had planted the seeds there was a big tree whose branches were laden with beautiful, red colored fruits.
 Both grandma and the little boy ate the fruits which were delicious than apple, sweeter than kiwi, tastier than oranges. Grandma filled up a basket with fruits and asked the boy to go and sell them in the market. Soon the boy returned with empty basket as he sold all the fruits and got a good amount of money. Now everyday they sell the fruits and earn their living easily and they were no more poor. All their difficulties were over now and their good time had arrived.
Moral of the story- 'A good deed is never lost'
                                                              -Aunt Mary