'' Lovely Fairies''

 Isn't this little wood fairy cute?

Lovely love fairy!
Little kind looking fairy

Pretty fairy in dream world!

What about this fairy? This fairy is looking stylish but a little naughty!

Grandma fairy with dove spirit.
Beautiful fairy lost in thoughts.

Fairy godmother is in action! ;)

This fairy lives on trees.

Beautiful fairy enjoying the swing.
Isn't this cute fairy adorable?

This tooth fairy is flying.

This tooth fairy is carrying tooth.
 Love- Aunt Mary


  1. Not always quite so lovable I know of some very naught fairies like the ones in the film Labyrinth starring David Bowie.

    1. Dear Tracy,
      You are right! Fairies aren't always lovable..some are naughty or evil too. Now I wish to see Labyrinth.
      Thank you for your kind visit, words and read .

  2. Such a great twist with the evil fairies in some stories

    1. Hi Adam,
      Yes! Such twists are great. I love to read those stories where there are wicked and evil fairies to challenge the good and kind fairies. I love to see good's victory and evil's defeat. :)
      Thank you for your kind visit, sweet words and read.

  3. This is my land, Auntie!

    I love fairies, they are so funny and cute!

    I guess Betty Boop is a naughty old cartoon! Can't imagine her as a fairy. :))

    Elf is very happy to see all these cousins of him, he wants me to thank you for posting them!

    1. Dear Od Liam,
      It's surely your land Od! ;)
      I also love fairies they are pretty, nice, cute and yes funny!:)
      Yes! Betty Boop is an old cartoon character. But Betty Boop as a fairy is something interesting. :)
      I am glad that this post made dear elf happy! Tell him that it's my pleasure! :))

  4. I love fairies, too, and have met one, Od's Elf!

    Thank you for this cute post. :)

  5. Thank you so much , I love Elf too :)