"How does a baby bird become a bird''

Dear children, in this post I am sharing some interesting facts about the life of birds. So read that how a bird's life begins, and how a baby bird grows into an adult bird.              


The mother bird lays eggs in the nest which she makes during the spring days with the help of father bird . She lays one egg every day for four to five days.In order to keep the eggs warm , mother and father bird take turns sitting on the eggs .
 After ten to fourteen days the eggs hatch and the baby birds come out .These baby birds are called  ''Hatchlings".
Both the mother bird and father bird try to keep  their babies warm and they have to feed them in every 15 minutes .The baby bird is too delicate and almost blind at this time.        

The baby birds ask their parents for food by opening their beak and peeping. Different type of birds eat different kind of food.Some birds eat grains, some eat worms and some birds eat berries.
Day by day the babies start growing,now they can open their eyes and their feathers start to grow, At this stage we can call them "Nestlings"
After two weeks their feathers become long and they have a tail too.They want to go out of the nest but unable to fly .These young birds are called "Fledglings".At this time papa and mommy bird teach them to search the right food.The young birds try to hop on the ground.  

 After four weeks The fledglings become adult bird.They have fully grown feathers and a long tail.Now they can fly in the sky and are no more dependent on their parents, though they are not mature enough  .They are called "Juvenile".This is the story of a bird's life.

Hope you liked the article.                  
                                -Aunt Mary


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