I am again to share some very interesting facts you will enjoy them.
1. Do you know that teddy bears are named after 26th U.S President Mr.Theodore Teddy Roosevelt.

2. The penguins are the only birds which can swim but can not fly. 

3. You will be a little surprised to know that lemons contain more    sugar than oranges.

4.Trees are our best friends because they care for us, do you know?  One tree filters up to 27 kg of pollutants from the air each year.                                            
5.Cuckoo bird lays eggs in other bird's nest.Naughty bird!
6.If a crab's leg is cut off it can grow a new leg.
7.Nine out of every ten living things live in the sea.

8. Some singers can sing a note so high and so loud that it will  shatter a glass !Isn't that amazing?

 9.Greenland is the world's largest island.
10. Coral may look like a lump of rock,but it is made thousands of tiny animals.

So those are the facts for today .Keep smiling and take care :)
                                                                               -Aunt Mary



  1. I love to learn from you aunt mary:) you make learning so fun. I can just feel being a child again:)

    1. Thank you Joy, am glad that you feel like that :)

  2. Nice to know those facts Aunt Mary..
    That's why I love trees : ) We are actually surrounded by trees.

    1. Yes we should be surrounded by trees , thank you Ric :)

  3. Interesting as always Aunt Mary lemons got more sugar then oranges? who thought!

  4. I am excited with all this information.

    I have started a journal with all these posts!

    Thank you, Auntie!

  5. i liked it so much but i know the 10th, 6th and 5th one

  6. Welcome hrithika , thank you so much for your kind visit and read :)