My dear children, I want to share with you a beautiful incident of my college life. One of my friend was very good in drawing  sketches. Every one was so impressed with her talent of drawing. She did the course of sketching and drawing. One day me and that friend of mine were sitting in the common room of hostel , many other girls were also there. I was reading a film magazine and saw a beautiful picture of Demi Moore ( my favorite Hollywood actress ) "Look , isn't she looking stunning in this picture!" . "Yes , really she looks so pretty!", my friend said .  

"Can you draw a sketch of her ?" , I asked to my friend. "Yes of course", she said and took out her drawing book , pencil ,  blotting paper, scale and eraser from her bag and started making the sketch. Just for fun I also started making the drawing of that picture. After few minutes I realized that I was drawing so nicely. That thought made me confident  and I continued  drawing. And trust me I made such a beautiful sketch, even some of the girls said that I made a better sketch than my friend. I could not believe ,that I could make a sketch like that. It was a hidden talent of mine and I was not aware of that. Now I make sketches and I feel so good when I draw something on paper , it makes me happy.
Actually we all have talents, abilities and qualities and sometimes are unaware of them. It could be-           

                                                      FOOTBALL PLAYING


or any thing else. Always try to recognize your talents, your skills, your qualities and your abilities and use them in the best way. It is up to you that either you want to keep your talent as a hobby or you want to make it your profession. 
But one thing is for sure, that if you use your talent in a better way it  will help to bloom your personality and will boost your self- esteem.  
Most importantly it will make you feel happy and confident .Is not that wonderful ? So bloom  like a rose and shine like a star and be happy.
                                                                     LOVE - AUNT MARY 



  1. I really love this Aunt Mary. Yes I agree we all do have hidden talents, and the key isn't just finding out what they are, but utilizing them in the best way. Thank you for always giving me something to think about :)

    1. Thank you so much I am so happy that you liked the post please keep visiting:)
      God bless :)

  2. This is one of the best way to play when you feel alone.

    We know we have many talents, but sometimes it is very difficult to put a finger on them.

    Besides, there is always a friend, or acquaintance that can be better in those fields! :)))

    Most of my talents are so deeply etched in my inner self that to try and get them out will shred the tissues of me. :)))

    Anyway, there is always the possibility to play, as I wrote above, 'tags', and 'hide and seek' with our talents,and that is a good entertainment for a rainy afternoons!

    Thank you Auntie, you will blow my neurons making me think!! :)

    PS: You see, I am good to write fast and badly, so I must redo my doings. :)
    You are right, Demi was a very beautiful girl!

    1. Thank's a lot for such a beautiful comment , you write extremely well , you are a bundle of talents my boy ,I know that very well :)

  3. Love this article Aunt Mary. We all have that itch within us. All we need to do is- recognize our passion/interest/favorite activity to say and jump into it without thinking about success or failure. If you have that craziness about something "different and special" to do,go for it and do it!!

    1. Thank's a lot Eps, you are right , I completely agree :)

  4. Very well-said Aunt Mary.
    I definitely agree!
    Take care!

  5. Well written aunt Mary. Children usually have hell lot of hidden talents and parents need to experiment will lot of things :)

    1. Thank you so much Jahid, glad that you liked the post :)