Humbleness ( Poem)

God likes humbleness

                          ''It is believed that humbleness....
                          is a sign of wisdom and greatness..
                          and a person with lack of humility..
                          is just an example of absurdity..
                         better for us to be a wise one,
                         rather than being a foolish person.''
                                                     -Aunt Mary  


Always be humble quote


  1. I think humility is one of the greatest qualities that any human being can have...

    1. Hi Optimistic,
      Yes indeed! :)
      Thank you so much for your visit and for sharing your views. :)

  2. Ah! Auntie!

    You put the finger into the wound. We are living in a selfish world where the only important being is our Ego.

    Quoting Ambrose Bierce: the only pronoun written with a Capital Letter is 'I'.
    It is a good idea to go back to humbleness, it may make the world a better place to live.

    Thank you for your poem, and teachings!

    1. Dear Od ,
      I am happy that you agree with me! :)
      You are absolutely right nowadays we have become quite egoistic and put ourselves and our ego above everything.
      That's a very lovely quote, thank you soo much for sharing it here.
      And yes! Thank you for your visit. :)

  3. To be humble is my number one goal in life.

  4. That's very nice, thank you so much for your kind visit Roberto :)

  5. Wise words Aunt Mary, thank you for sharing them.
    Have a good weekend.

  6. Thank's a lot Barbara , have a wonderful weekend dear :)

  7. Definitely words of wisdom. The world would be a better place if more of us embraced the concept of humility.

    Happy weekend!

  8. Thank you very much , I am glad that you liked the poem Susan, you are right that our world will be a better place if we adopt humbleness :)