Facts: Honey Bee

                                       image source-Pixabay.com

1. Honey bees are found on all the continents except Antarctica.

   2. There are about 20000 species of honeybees in the world.

   3.Honey bees have five eyes and they can see ultra violet light.

   4. They have six legs and two pairs of wings.

  5.The study of honey bees is known as Apiology.

  6. Keeping bees to make honey is called beekeeping or                                       apiculture. 

 7. Honey bees may sting if they get confused, angry or scared. 

 8.Some people are allergic to bee stings and they can even die                     from   them.

 9.Some bees live in organized groups called colonies.The home of 
   a bee colony is called hive.

  10. In cold winters honey bees stop flying when the temperature                      drops below 10 degree C.  
                                                                            image source-Pixabay.com
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  1. Thank you for sharing the facts about honey bees.

  2. You are welcome , thank's for visiting :)

  3. Amazing facts, I love our bumblebees unlike wasps which i dislike with a passion.

  4. Thank's Tracy , I don't like wasps too :)