Hello my dear children, you all have seen me.I am a 'TREE.' A tree is a man's best friend.It gives you food.Don't you like eating ripe and delicious fruits like mangoes,bananas,apples,oranges and a lot of other  wonderful fruits?As you know these fruits grow on trees,which fruit do you like the most?
A tree also gives you shelter.See ,when you play outside and feel tired you sit under a tree and feel very relaxed isn't it? Now look at the door of your room it is made up of wood. From where did this wood come?Yes! My dear friend it is taken from a tree.When you breathe you take in air. A tree helps to clean the air so with the help of a tree clean air goes into your body.It makes your surroundings look beautiful. Do you like a tree with green leaves and beautiful flowers?Yes! Of course you would, so dear children plant more trees and live a healthy and beautiful life.
   "Plant a tree to save the world ,
    Plant a tree to save the earth." 
                                                - Aunt Mary


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