Sad Grandpa Becomes Happy

        Mona is a little 11 years old girl, she lives in a beautiful house with her parents. She is a happy and friendly kind of girl. Some time ago a sad thing happened to her that her beloved grandmother passed away. She loved her very much. Her grandmother lived in their hometown with her grandfather. Now after her grandmother's death her grandfather is left alone in his house. So Mona's parents took her grandfather along with them. Mona is very happy that her grandfather will now live in their house. Mona's parents and she herself takes care of her grandpa very well. 
       One day when Mona came back to home after school, she went into her grandpa's room. She realized that grandpa was looking sad. She asked him, " Why are you looking so sad grandpa? Aren't you feeling happy here?" Grandpa answered, " No my child, I am very happy with all of you, you all are very good and take care of me very well and make me feel very comfortable. But the thing is that when you go to school and your parents go to their work at that time I feel very lonely. In my old town  I had many friends to spend time with but here I have no friends."
      In the evening when Mona's mom and dad returned to home she discussed this matter with them and said to them," If you don't mind I have an idea by which grandpa will not feel lonely after we leave the house. You know about my friend Maria's grandfather who lives nearby, Maria told me that he has the same problem. We can make them meet so that they become friends and they can go to each other's place and can spend time with each other."
      Next day they all went to Maria's house for a small get-together, grandpa was very happy to find a person of his own age group. Now the grandpas of both the girls are very good friends. They spend time with each other, discuss current issues and play cards. They are very happy and no longer feel lonely. Both the families are happy and satisfied because the senior most member of the family is happy.
                - Aunt Mary



  1. Good Moral Story not only grandpa.Give love and care to everyone who you meet!!!

  2. Thank you for your beautiful words.

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    1. Thank you very much Steve. I have visited your blog and also left my comment. You have a great blog!

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  5. Oh so sweet and touching Aunt Mary. You are a good storyteller:)