My dear children, you see the moon in sky almost every night. All of us like to watch the moon and enjoy the lovely moonlight. The moon is a ball of rocks that goes around the earth. You know? Moon is our nearest neighbor in space. One thing amazing about moon is that it doesn't have its own light, it is lit up by the sun as it goes around the sun. Moon is actually very large in size but it is too far from the Earth so it looks very small.

 If you go to the moon,you feel 6 times lighter than you feel on the Earth so it is possible for you to jump 6 times higher on the moon than on the Earth.The moon has rocks and dust on its surface.
You see the moon in different shapes because you can see only that part of the moon that is reflecting the light of the sun,we cannot see the part of the moon where the light of the Sun doesn't reach.There is no wind or rain on the moon.The first person to land on the moon was Neil Armstrong.
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                                     - Aunt Mary            

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