"A Dream Came True"

It was Saturday night Lisa came back home late with her parents from a birthday party,she was so tired,she went straight to her room and soon fell asleep and got lost in the world of dreams.
 She was in a strange but wonderful place,little beautiful fairies were swinging on the fruitful branches of trees .Cute faced dwarfs who wore funny colorful clothes and fur caps were singing,glow worms were shining,flowers were lovely and filled with dainty scents.All among the fairies the most beautiful fairy was mother fairy who dressed in white her wings were golden,she had a silver wand in her hands.There was a kind lovely smile on her face,her soft face was glowing.She said to Lisa in her melodious voice,"Oh little girl,welcome to the fairy land,do you have any wish?"Lisa said,"Yes mother fairy". Mother fairy said,"Tell me your wish my child, I will fulfill it".  
Lisa said,"I want a new pink dress with frills on it and white shiny shoes and a white matching hairband with stars on it". "O.k. Dear as you wish", Mother fairy said with a lovely smile.
"Lisa.....Lisa come on get up dear its already nine"
Lisa slowly opened her eyes and got up, "Oh my God I was
dreaming",she was still feeling sleepy.Her mother was standing in front of her,there was a gift pack in her hands."Here is a surprise for you my child",mother said."What surprise?..Lisa asked."Come on open up the gift",mother said.She opened the gift pack and what did she see ?There was a lovely pink dress with frills on it,shiny white shoes and a beautiful white hair band.She hugged mummy and said,"OH ! MOMMY YOU ARE MY MOTHER FAIRY".
                                                                                       - Aunt Mary




  1. hello aunt Mary, here's another fairy with a present. No, not a pink dress but an award!:)
    I have nominated this blog for the Liebster award.
    Please check out the details at

    1. Thanks a lot Nina! I've checked the details on your blog. I'll do it tomorrow..!
      Love and regards, Aunt Mary.

  2. Hi, Auntie!

    Today morning I received a present coming from my dreams...

    No, no, it was not a pink dress with frills, I guess I will look a bit strange in that attire! :)

    My dream coming true is a double-trip to Gozo Isle, and Isle of Man to visit family. It is about time!!! I am happy, and wanted to share with you! :)

    1. oh,I am soooooo happy for you my child .
      Happy visit thank you for sharing the happiness.
      May God bless you always.