"Naughty little boy in the neighborhood" ( Rhyme)

My neighbor's little boy,   
the naughty little guy.
he shouts all day,
in such a weird way.                              

He sings so loud,

and feels very proud.   
the news is sad,
he sings so bad.

He plucks all the flowers,

sprinkles them on cars.
he dances on the road,
and jumps like a toad.'                                     

He crushes cola can,

acts like superman.
he rings door bells,
"I didn't do!"....tells.                                              

It's not all his fault,

his parents should have taught.
not to be like that,
to their little brat.
            - Aunt Mary 

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  1. such a naughty boy
    I don't know how to sing that song
    but, I bet that's interesting to listen to.

  2. Thank you very much my nice, happy child ,good to see you again :)
    God bless you;)

  3. LOL that sounds like me when I was little

    1. Really? I can't believe that you were so naughty! :D
      Thanks for the read :)

  4. Haha! Such a sweet naughty boy :D :)

    Children should be naughty at times ;)

    1. :D Ya you are right Valli! Children should be naughty at times! :)
      Thank you so much for your kind visit :)

  5. I had a kid like that in my line at work yesterday. His mom coudln't control him.

  6. Oh ,Adam best of luck to you then ;D

  7. I think we have all known similar little guys if indeed we weren't one ourselves.

    1. You are right Petty! We all have known these guys! :)
      Thanks for the read! :)

  8. I have not time to spend with little guys, so I tend to like brats and naughty ones. Maybe my patience comes from the reason I saw them scarcely, and find them always entertaining. But I heard parents say sometimes they are too much! :))))

    Lovely song, Auntie!

    1. I think there should be a limit of naughtiness . Children should be naughty but their parents should make sure that their child's naughtiness shouldn't bother others.
      Thank you so much I am happy that you liked the song.