Once there were two  men who were very good friends . People of the village always gave their example whenever there was a talk about friendship. Both of them used to be together all the time. 
One of them was a little fat and bulky and the other one was slim and fit. Together they looked a little funny but they were very happy to be friends with each other. 
One day there was a function in another village. Both the friends were invited there, so they set out on their journey to that village. In between the two villages there was a forest and they had to cross that forest in order to reach their destination. While they were walking through the forest they saw that a big, dangerous bear was coming 
behind them. Seeing the bear the friend who was slim immediately started running very fast without caring about his friend though the fat friend was crying and calling him, " Please friend, don't leave me alone! Take me with you, I can't run so fast". He couldn't run fast because he was quite fat and over-weight.  But his friend did not listen and quickly climbed up a tree. The bear was coming closer and closer ,the fat man lied on the ground and held his breath.  When the bear came near him he thought that the man was dead so he went away from there.
The fat man's friend climbed down from the tree and asked him in a mocking way , "What did the bear say to you?" because he wanted to end this incident in a joke and wanted his friend to forget it. But the fat man now understood well that his friend will always deceive him when he will be in trouble. He said to his friend, " The bear told me that your friend is very unfaithful. Do not believe him ever in your life". 
           It's better to have no friend than having an unfaithful  friend!
                                                                              Panchtantra story
                                                                      Re-told by-Aunt Mary


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  1. Wonderful story, Aunt Mary.. It reminds me how important is for us to be faithful for those who trust us and cherish our presence in their lives. Yet, friends are humans and not perfect, that's why we have to learn to forgive, as well :).

    1. Thank you so much Laura. Yes! We should and have to be faithful to those who trust us and give us an important place in their lives. I agree that nobody is perfect and we should forgive our friends but I think we should do so only when we are sure that they wouldn't repeat that mistake as we can't allow them to hurt our feelings again and again.
      Thank you for your visit and read :)

  2. a very wonderful story Aunt Mary.
    Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  3. Very wise words, thanks for sharing them.

    1. Thank you so much for the visit and read Barbara.:)
      It's my pleasure ;)

  4. Great story. I'll share this with my little one as he gets older. Thanks!

    1. Thank you very much Melissa! I hope your little angel likes this story. Give my blessings to him.:)
      Welcome to my blog! Please keep in touch. :)

  5. what an entertaining story!
    but yes, that is true! we should choose our friends!

    1. Thank you so much Ric!
      Ya! We should choose our friends wisely. :)

  6. Mythology is always reliable when dealing with human nature!

    Love, friendly or any other is a very elusive feeling we "think" we have until a crisis put us in the top choice of ME or the other.

    This is a nice story, Auntie. With many things to teach!

    Thank you!

  7. veryyyy nice I LOVE IT