There was a king
                                         who had a ring,
                                         That's my lucky one,
                                          he told everyone. 
                                          One day the king,                                    
                                          lost that ring,

                                          king's men there,
                                          searched everywhere.
                                                    One of them found,
                                          ring on the ground,                                                                                                  King was happy,

                                          danced like hippy.

                                          Oh!so sad...
                                          something happened bad,       
                                          while he was dancing,
                                          the madly happy king,
                                           fell from height,
                                                      immediately died.
                                           People were wondering,
                                          questioning and asking,
                                                      "Was that ring..
                                           lucky for the king?"
                                                                        -Aunt Mary

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  1. it sure was an unluck ring in LOTR

    1. Yes Adam it was an unlucky ring!
      Thanks a lot for your kind visit, words and read. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Dear Joy,
      Yes unlucky ring and poor king!!
      Thank you so much for your kind visit, words and read. :)

  3. Good Show, Auntie!!

    It may be considered unlucky,
    but you see,
    the King died happy,
    so maybe, just maybe,
    it may be considered lucky! :)

    I was singing your poem for a long time after reading it. It was as a merry-go-round in my head.

    Am I to adult to do these things? :) Who cares! :)))

    Thank you, Auntie!

    1. Dear Od Liam,
      Yes Od you are right dying happy is really lucky. Everybody wishes to die happy and healthy! :)
      But a sudden death is shocking!
      Oh thank you so much Od...I am really happy that you liked my poem. You are always very kind. :)
      Ha ha you should be young at heart and that you are! Even I am a child at heart! ;)
      Thanks a lot for your kind visit sweet words and read. :)

  4. Very interesting! And it makes people wondering about the luck of the ring. :)

    1. Dear Balqis,
      I am glad you liked the poem. :)
      Thanks a lot for your kind visit, sweet words and read :)

  5. the ring not so lucky, after all!
    anyway, i love the rhyme!
    have a nice weekend, aunt mary!

  6. Thank you so very much , have a great sunday :)

  7. The king died happy so yes it was lucky.