Think before you act ( Moral story )

 Moral Story
Once upon a time there were four friends.Three of them were experts in different fields of knowledge and were very proud of themselves. The fourth one was not an expert like his friends but 
he was a very intelligent man.

One day the four friends went to the woods for some reason , as they were walking in the forest they saw the bones of an animal.
One of the friends said "I can join these bone by chanting a mantra,
 I am expert in this work ."He chanted the mantra and the bones were joined together and formed a skeleton of a lion.
Now the second friend said I will recite a mantra which will cover the skeleton with flesh and skin. He did what he said , soon there was a dead lion present in front of the eyes of four friends .How could the third friend stay behind ?He said proudly "I can make this lion alive ". The fourth friend who was standing quietly when the whole drama was taking place said, "Don't even think of doing that if the lion comes back to life he will kill us ". "No I will recite the mantra and make the lion alive,I  want to show my skill too.''
 ''Yes you should do that,'' the other two friends favored him too.    The fourth friend tried so hard to convince his friends but they  
said,  "You are such a foolish person when the lion will get his life back he will be thankful to us for bringing him back to life ". Disappointed Fourth friend climbed up a tree. 

Third friend started chanting the mantra and the lion became alive, he killed all the three men and ate them up.He walked away after    eating them. Fourth friend felt so sorry for his friends but what could he do ? It was all his friends' fault, they made a huge mistake and lost their lives.               

                                 Moral of the story 
Think before you act
                                           Panchtantra story Re-told by Aunt Mary

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  1. Hello Auntie!

    It is a very instructive tale you wrote!

    How many situations we could avoid if we just forget our Ego and think rationally!

    You keep me thinking! :)

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Od ,
      Happy to see you , thank you for being so kind again :)

  2. reminds me of this 'for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction..'
    ..we should be aware of this.. yes, you are right, we should always use 'common sense'.

    1. Thank you Ric, I am so happy that you liked the story :)

  3. Nice lesson from the story:)

  4. When I was a school girl, my teachers used to tell us "Use your common sense". This story reminds me of those days and how much our teacher wanted us to do the right things.

    I like the moral of the story. :)

  5. Thank you so much Balqis , I think we should follow that moral in our whole life :)

  6. In a time of haste mixed with fear and ignorance this moral is of huge important.

  7. Rightly said Roberto , thank you so much for your kind visit.
    Please keep reading it's a pleasure to see here:)

  8. Nice story and great moral to take away :)

    1. Thank you so much Shweta! :)
      Keep on visiting. :)

  9. A simple yet elegant story, i thought there would be a twist in the end :P

    1. Thanks a lot Alok! :)
      Ha ha! Sometimes things need not be twisted. :)
      Thanks for the visit! :)

  10. Panchatantra stories are so simple and yet these hammer the moral in the reader's mind. Thank you for sharing. :)

  11. Thank you so much Somali for your lovely comment :)