Don't make castles in the air ( Moral Story)


Once upon a time a man lived in a village , he was a very lazy person. He did not want to do any work  and that's why he was very poor.The lazy man lived in a small hut and used to beg for his living . One day there was a marriage in a house of the village and the man got a big pot filled with curd from that house when he went to beg there .He was very happy , he ate some curd and kept the remaining curd safely on the stool near his bed and laid down on the bed .  
He looked at the pot of curd and thought," In the morning I will make butter from the milk,from the butter I will make ghee (clarified butter ) and then I will sell the ghee  in the market at a good price , then I will buy  hens by that money ,the hens will lay eggs .... and I will sell the eggs....and....and....,'' He started daydreaming.
''I will buy a sheep , sheep will have lambs , then I can sell those lambs and will become rich.''The daydreaming continued...


''After being rich I will marry a beautiful girl and have children.
It will be small happy family. I shall be a very good father but very strict too, if my kids will not obey me I will slap them hard.'' 
The man in real started moving his hands as he was beating his children. His hand touched the pot and the pot of curd fell on the ground and broke . The lazy man's dream was broken too.                             Moral of the story-"Don't make castles in the air''

                                                                        (Panchtantra story)     
                                                       Retold by  - Aunt Mary

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  1. Love the moral of the story here :) work hard.

  2. Perhaps, it's best to wake up and start working!
    Nice story, Aunt Mary!

  3. Yes, nice to dream, but one have to combine dream with work:)

  4. Aunt Mary, very nice. Can I use this story for my class? THanks!

    1. Ya, sure . I will be so happy if you tell your students the story . Thank you :)

  5. It is a sad truth, Auntie!

    Never count your gains until they safely kept in a bank!