The Right Move ( Short Story)

People called him "Thin Lee". The reason for calling him with that name was that he was a skinny boy who knew some basic rules of Judo and considered himself as the" Next Bruce Lee". He had a big misunderstanding  about him that he was"Master of Judo" and every one is so impressed by this skill of him and nobody will dare to take the fight with him . No one cleared his misunderstanding because they didn't want to loose the chance of laughing at him behind his back . Everyone joked about him and enjoyed talking about him. 

One day some  kids told Thin Lee , "Bro ,a new boy has come to live in our colony and we told him about you that how good you are in judo and how brave you are, and the  boy said bad things  about you and challenged us that he can beat you".(Obviously they were lying, just to have fun )
 Thin Lee said "Let me see him, where is that coward who speaks behind my back"  Without thinking for a second that the kids were actually provoking him for fight.The naughty kids told him that the boy is in the playing field..Thin Lee went to the field followed by those kids . 

'Look! there he is  !One kid whispered in Lee's ear. And what Thin Lee saw was beyond his imagination, the boy was as big and strong as a little "SUMO."Thin Lee at once forgot all  about  his so called  Judo skills and got too scared . "Yes what do you want ?" The big boy asked Thin Lee ." Oh just nothing, I heard a lot about you and just wanted to meet you . "Thin Lee put his hand forward to shake hands with big boy. While he was doing this he heard  the giggling sound coming from back, he turned back and saw the kids who provoked him were laughing . 
From that day Thin Lee stopped to show off  because he realized the reality that how people fooled him because of that.Good for Thin Lee.                                                                                        -Aunt Mary 


  1. I wonderful lesson for all of us!

  2. A lesson to think about! Thanks for the reminder Aunt Mary!

  3. A good story Aunt Mary. Sometimes without any evidence at all, we rush into fights and arguments based on gossip or rumour. We hurt one another for no reason, and maybe we ought to just stop and think for a while.

  4. Thank you so much, RPD,you are right , I am glad that you liked the story :)