"THE MAN WHO NEVER TOLD A LIE"- African Folktale

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A long time ago in the amazing land of Africa there lived a man . The one thing which was famous about that man was... that he had never lied in his whole life.
 People knew him as '' The man who never told a lie.'' 

This came into the knowledge of king and he ordered his men to get that man and bring him to the court.

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The man reached. The king asked him ,'' I have heard that you have 
never told a lie '' ?''
"Yes my king , I have never lied. '' ,The man answered.

''Do you think you will never lie in the future too?"

''Yes my lord ,I will try my best to do that .'' , said the man respectfully.

''That is a very good quality of your's but you can't be so sure about not telling a lie every time in life, anyway you can go now .'' The king let him go.

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A few days later the king called the man again and said'' I am going to hunt , the queen is in the other palace and I want you to go to my second palace and tell the queen that after hunting I will meet her and we will enjoy the meal together so she should get ready for that.''
''As you wish your majesty'' , said the man and left the king's palace.

Now king said to the people around him '' I will not go for hunting and I will not go to meet the queen today and... ''The man who never told lie will be proved wrong '' , he laughed aloud .
On the other hand the man reached the queen's palace and went to her and said ...
''O Queen there is a possibility that the king will visit you after the hunt and he might have lunch with you. "

"Tell me clearly will he come or not?" , asked the queen.

''Well, he is the king , he is the master of his own, may be he will come , may be he will not.'' The wise man answered.

Next day the king went to his queen and said that the man lied to her and has been proved false. But the queen told him that the man was very intelligent, he didn't lie to her, he was still
 '' The man who never told a lie.''
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  1. The king has a dark heart but he could not defeat the light of the spirit that comes with honesty.

    1. Rightly said , thank you very much for reading and commenting Roberto :)

  2. This is a lovable story, Auntie!

    The right way to teach honesty and candour to children.

    To tell lies is one of the most misinterpreted philosophical attitudes in humankind. The double standard of this action is the real culprit of all the evil coming from a lie!

    1. I am very happy that you liked the tale , thank's a lot Od. I agree with what you have said about telling lies .

  3. Really a nice story, Aunt Mary!!

    1. Nice to see you Eps after a long time, hope you are fine , thank you so much for the kind visit :)

  4. So true! It also wouldn't have been a lie if he'd said, "The king said he'd be here after he goes hunting." The king did say that, so it isn't a lie. Of course, you have to lie in life or you'll be considered rude. If someone asks, "Do I look fat in this outfit?" and you say "yes," you'll probably have hurt feelings on your hands.

    1. Thank you so much Stephanie for reading and liking the post, thank you for sharing your opinion too . It always feels good to see you :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Jahid , hope you are doing great :)

  6. Hi hi. He outwitted the king:)

  7. Yes he did, thank you Joy for reading the post :)

  8. That was a wonderful story and a good lesson to teach our children. Thank you for sharing it!