Clouds And Rain (Rhyme)

Look! Those clouds! They're black and grey,
how wonderful, it's a cloudy day!

I would love if the clouds bring rain,
rain on the roofs and rain in the lane.

Oh no.... look, they are moving away,
black-grey clouds are going other way,

Let's just hope they will come back soon...
with some rain in the afternoon.
                                                              -Aunt Mary


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  1. I quite like cloud watching when the clouds are nice and fluffy but admit to tiring of grey clouds which we seem to get more than our fair share of here in the north east of England.

    1. Cloud watching is fun, thank you very much Tracy for reading and commenting :)

  2. We've not had a lot of rain recently but as Tracy said we get more than our fair share in the UK. I hope the clouds you like return soon.

  3. I hope the clouds bring rain too, we are waiting eagerly for rain.
    Thank you Barbara for visiting me :)

  4. what a cute little poem Aunt Mary! we are having clouds and rains daily in Bangalore :)

    1. Thank you Kokila for for your sweet little comment. I am waiting for the clouds and the rain right now :)