Much wants more loses all ( Moral Story)

Dog and his shadow image
Once there was a dog who found a good big piece of cheese. The dog was so happy to get such nice food for his lunch. '' I should go to a nice and calm place and enjoy the cheese'', he thought.

He carried the piece of cheese in his mouth and went on. While he was going beside a stream the dog saw his reflection in the stream's water. 

Oh! There is another dog like me, he is also carrying a piece of cheese. I will have two pieces of cheese if I get that piece too.''
Thinking that he opened his mouth to catch the piece in the water, and as soon as the dog opened his mouth ,the piece of cheese that he held fell into the water. 

Ah! Due to his greed and the urge to get another piece the greedy dog lost his piece of cheese too.   
As they say '' Much wants more loses all.'' 
                                  Much wants more loses all image
                                           An Aesop's fable re-told by-Aunt Mary

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  1. One of the stories I remember from my childhood though the version I grew up with involved a crow and a crust of bread.

    1. Oh! There are many versions of stories like this.. The version with the crow must have been interesting too! :)
      Thanks for the visit , Tracy ! :)

  2. Nice reading this childhood story after a long long time.:)
    The moral is as relevant as ever.

    1. Glad that you had a nice time reading it , Somali! :)
      Yes, indeed! :)

  3. Hello Aunt Mary ! It's another gem from your treasure and I enjoyed it :)

    1. Thanks a lot Kokila! :)
      I'm very happy that you enjoyed it! :)

  4. There is certainly a lesson here Aunt Mary.

  5. Love your stories. I am going to share this on my facebook. Hope it's okay.