Help your parents at home

Today is Sunday.Bobby is at home with his mother. His father is out of station. His mother is not feeling well today and she has to do a lot of work. She is worried that how she would complete all her work. " Don't worry mom", said Bobby , " I will help you out in doing the work."  " Oh dear, you are too small, how can you help me", mother said. "
'' No mom, I am not small, I am nine years old now. My teacher says that our parents do a lot for their children, so children should help their parents with their work." Little Bobby said.
" O.k. son, you can help me ", his mother said with a smile.
Bobby helped his mother by giving water to the plants,  keeping his books and toys in proper place,  making the bed and he also laid the table for the lunch. All the work is done on time. Bobby and his mother are feeling relaxed and happy. They are watching Bobby's favorite cartoon movie on t.v. 
Moral of the story-
Help your Parents at home' 
                                - Aunt Mary

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