My dear children, you must have seen an elephant in a zoo or in a circus or anywhere else. Do you know? An elephant  is the largest among all the animals living on land . It is also supposed to be the strongest animal in the world . It is mostly found in Africa , India, Sri Lanka, China and Thailand.
Normally it is of brown or gray color.Elephant is a plant eating animal it loves to eat banana .It grasps or holds an object with its long trunk .Elephant's ear flaps are very large . An elephant is a very intelligent and understanding animal .It is a wild animal but also used for the domestic purposes .It is  very useful to mankind . In some places elephant is used as a mean of transport, it takes goods from one place to another. It is also used to uproot trees and for lifting heavy objects like very big logs .It completes all the given tasks very well.It is a very hard working and laborious animal .Now you can understand that an elephant is a useful , wonderful and precious animal  that should be treated with love and deserves a lot of good care.
                                                      -Aunt Mary                         

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