Unity is Strength ( Moral Story)

  Moral story                 
 Once upon a time in a forest , there was a huge banyan tree on which lived a flock of pigeons. One day a hunter came into the forest. He laid a net beneath the tree and spread some grains over it. When the pigeons saw the food grains while returning home, they tempted by those grains and landed to eat them. As soon as they landed they got trapped into that net.
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The leader of that flock was very intelligent. He told his friends," My dear friends do not lose courage, together we can make ourselves free. Lets fly in the sky along with this net." All the pigeons did as their leader told them. The leader took them to the part of forest where his friend, the rat lived.

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The leader pigeon requested the rat to cut the net and make them free. The rat and his friends got to work and soon the pigeons were out of the net. They thanked the rats for their help."That's how with the power of unity the pigeons became free again.
               Moral of the story-'Unity is strength' 
                                           Panchtantra story retold by - Aunt Mary

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