Moral Story
Sara and Molly were cousins and were best friends too. They were in the same class.Sara was a pretty looking girl but Molly was not as pretty as  Sara.Because Sara was a beautiful girl everyone praised her for her beauty and even in the school their classmates gave more importance to Sara than Molly.
A play was to be held in their school and Sara was chosen for the role of a beautiful princess,all the children congratulated Sara for being selected for the main role. Though Molly loved Sara very much and she was very happy for her but at the same time she was feeling ignored and left alone. 

   ''Why you looking so sad,''  Molly's class teacher asked her.

 She told her class teacher what she felt.

The teacher said to her,"Look Molly,the outer beauty of one is not everything,God has given us many other qualities and talents.  Maybe Sara is more beautiful than you by appearance and she is appreciated  for her  beauty, this is her quality. But you too have your own qualities.I know you have a beautiful voice and you sing very well.The annual singing competition is going to be held in our school next week, I want you to take part in the competition.I am sure that you will do very well."

Molly was feeling relaxed and happy after listening to her class teacher. She gave her name for the singing competition. 
Molly sang beautifully in the competition and got the first prize.Her parents and teachers all were very proud of her. 

There was also a competition among all the children to congratulate her first . Everyone wanted to be friends with Molly. Molly was a happy girl now.
Moral of the story-Everyone is unique
                                                       - Aunt Mary




  1. Yes we are all unique and we have different gifts. Very beautiful story.

    1. Thanks Lola. You are so kind and always supportive.
      Your beautiful words will inspire me to do better in future.

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    1. Thank you Kris. I am really happy that you liked the story. Please keep visiting my blog.

  3. I rarely see blogs for children, like this. I'm happy to see this through bloggers.com.

    See you around! :)

  4. thanks for the compliment Janjie.
    Keep visiting my blog

  5. Beautiful story and it is inspring to everyone.

  6. Beautiful story and it is inspring to everyone.