Reema's father is in a transferable job. He just has been transferred to a new city. It's a completely new place for Reema, she is missing her friends, her house and her school very much. Reema's parents understand her situation. They are trying their best to keep her happy. They know that as a child it will take some time for Reema to adjust to a new place. It is the time for the summer vacations so most of the families of the building are out of station hence there  is no one to be friends with, that's why the little girl is feeling lonelier.   

Mother is making french fries and Reema's favorite orange drink for her, she loves this combination. She served it for Reema and said to her, "Please have it dear ,come on cheer up , everything will be alright , soon the children of the society will return and you will have a good company then, now finish it fast my good girl". Mommy went to do her work.
While Reema was sitting and having her snacks, she heard a voice,"Meow...meow...". Reema realized that some cat was there. She tried to find out where the voice was coming from. It was coming from outside the door, she told mommy about this. Mommy opened the door, oh there was really a cat in the passage. A cute, white and brown cat. She got a little scared to see new faces and sat in a corner. 
" Look mommy! How pretty she is!", Reema said in a happy tone. "She looks like a pet cat, maybe she is lost", mommy said. Mother phoned to the security. The security guard came and told them that it was a pet to the people who lived in this house before them. The cat's name is Snowy. "Oh poor kitty!", Reema felt pity for the cat. She called the cat by her name, "Snowy...Snowy!". The cat came near her. Reema picked the cat up in her arms. Mommy gave some milk to the cat and she drank it very fast, she was so hungry. Mommy saw the excitement and happiness of Reema after finding the cat. She said, "Isn't it a good idea to have Snowy as a pet cat in our home". "Really mommy? Can we do that?", an excited Reema asked. "Yes my child, we can do that. It will be good for Snowy as well as for you because you'll have a good company", said mommy. 
There was no limit to Reema's happiness. She found a new friend, and she will not be lonely anymore. Mommy is also very happy because her daughter is happy.

                                                                                              -Aunt Mary


  1. such a cute cat
    something hard to deal with transferable job

    1. My dear Happy child,
      Yes! It is really hard to deal with transferable jobs, especially for the children of the family because every time they have to adapt with the completely new surroundings.
      Thank you so much for your kind visit, sweet words and read! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Adam,
      I am glad that you liked the story! :)
      Thank you so much for your kind visit, beautiful words and read. :)

  3. at least she found a friend in a new place...definitely a way of driving the loneliness away!
    that cat is really adorable!

    1. Hi Ric,
      You are right finding a friend is a really good and effective way of driving the loneliness away!
      I too love that cat ! :)
      Thank you so much for your kind visit, words and read. :)

  4. Friendship is the base of development of children, there is no more terrible ghost for a child than having to leave behind the hard won love found in the neighbourhood or in school.

    Transferable works should not be taken by family with children, but that is wishful thinking in this difficult world we live in.

    There nothing as a pet to help heal the wound of separation.

    Nice and beautiful story, Auntie!

    1. Hi Od Liam,
      You are right Od, friendship is a base of development of children. Friendship is a golden chain and true friends are hard to be found and harder to leave.
      It is really difficult for children to deal with transferable job of parents but yes today one can only wish of non-transferable job.
      Yes! Pets can truly heal the wound of separation.
      I am very happy that you liked the story! :)
      Thank you so much for your kind visit, lovely words and read! :)

  5. I remember moving house and making new friends somany times as a child with Dad's work. It is difficult. A beautiful story and a perfect friend!

    1. Dear Coombe Mill,
      I am sure it must have been really difficult for you to make new friends every time. I am glad that you liked my post.
      Yes! A pet is a perfect friend. :)
      Thanks a lot for your kind visit, beautiful words and read!!
      Please keep visiting. :)

  6. Having to leave the comfort zone is so difficult for some. We don't know who are we going to meet at new places. But let's hope for the best. Glad that Reema found a new friend.

    Awww! That's a very cute cat there. I'm a feline lover and I loved it!

    Nice post, Aunt Mary. :)

    1. Dear Balqis,
      You are absolutely right Balqis! Leaving your comfort zone is really difficult as you get used to that place, people etc. and are comfortable with them. When you go to new place you are not sure if you'll be as happy as you were at the previous place or make as good friends as your old friends.
      I am very happy that you liked the cat and my post. :)
      Thanks a lot for your kind visit, sweet words and read. :)

  7. How wonderful for Reema to haev found a new friend. This was very touching.

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    1. Welcome to my blog Jolly Princess , thank you ,
      I am glad that you liked the story :)

  9. Thanks Aunt Mary, always a happy ending over here.

    Love your little blinkies and your ability to spin a good yarn.

    1. Thank you dear Michelle, as you know children always love happy endings, that is why I try to give my stories a happy ending :)

  10. Great story, I always think it is hard for military families who move so often.

  11. Dear PETTY WITTER thank you for the read and like :)