What does a photographer say to us when we are getting ready to 
 get clicked by the camera? "Smile please " and we try to give our best smile , why ? Because smiling is the most beautiful expression of our face, it increases our face value and gives our face a positive look and who doesn't want to look good in a photograph , right ?

So when we can smile for a better photograph why can't we smile to make our life beautiful. A smile improves your outer look and it also presents you as a person with a positive attitude in front of others and that helps you a lot in today's stressful life.Every one loves to see a person with a gentle smile on his or her face .
Besides this, smile can do wonders from the health point of view.It reduces our stress, it stretches our muscles and expands our lungs. It also helps us to release our suppressed emotions and feelings and it lightens up our mood. Smiling slowdowns our heart rate and we feel calm and relax.           

  We should smile a lot but keep one thing in mind that we are not hurting anyone by our smile and we should avoid smiling on any sad occasion! So my dear friends smile for making yourself healthy and happy and smile to bring cheerfulness and positivity around you.  
        " A gentle word, a kind look, a good-natured smile can work                          wonders and accomplish miracles!" - William Hazlitt
                                                                                 - Aunt Mary



  1. I find smiles to be contagious in a wonderful way. It's almost impossible not to smile when you see everyone else around you smile :)

    1. Yes , that's right , thank you so much for reading and commenting :)

  2. Yes! Have a.nice smiling day:)) I love it and I love to smile:)

  3. Knowing that, we really have to smile often :) Wonderful post, Aunt Mary!

  4. If you want to win,
    friends, lovers, a second self,
    or get as pal a fair elf
    practice hard and learn to grin!

    Thank you, Auntie for a good advice! :)