Almost every child loves the sweet , delicious , yummy chocolates. Am I right children? You want it in desserts, you like it in cakes, cookies and you want it in milk shakes, don't you ?
The amazing, mouth-watering taste of this sweet makes it every body's favorite.You can't resist yourself from eating a chocolate when you look at it, , what a temptation!

Today I am sharing some facts about this lovely tasty sweet . I hope you will like them and share them with your friends , like you share the chocolates with them :)
Chocolate is made from the seed of "Theobroma Cacao" tree .

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The Cacao has been cultivated in 'Mexico', 'Central America' and 'Northern South America'.The seeds of Cacao have a bitter taste and need to be  fermented to get the flavor.  Once the seeds are fermented,they are dried,cleaned and roasted.The shell is removed to get the chocolate nibs.
These nibs are ground to cocoa mass, which is rough form of chocolate. The rough chocolate needs to be liquefied . The liquid is called chocolate liquor.This liquid is molded to form the chocolate.

The benefits of eating chocolate are that it reduces the risk of cancer , lowers blood pressure and prevents coughing and heart diseases. 
Harms of chocolate are that it may cause obesity, headache,acne and tooth decay. 
So my dear children eat chocolate, but in moderation.As we all know excess of everything is bad .

Did you like this chocolaty post ? 
Take care and be happy .
                          Aunt Mary



  1. Oh I just love chocolates !
    Nice to know more about chocolates!

  2. I love chocolate, too. It's yummy! :)

    1. Yes it is yummy , thank you for coming , nice to see you after a long time :)

  3. There is no doubt we all love chocolate, and 'we' means we ALL, humans and non-human!

    I had a pup addicted to chocolate, it was able of the most incredible feats to get a bite of the substance!

    You know, Auntie, in Mexico they told me that the word 'Chocolate' comes from «xocolatl» in Nahuatl, the language spoken by Aztecs, and means: "Food of the Gods", but some others told me it was a composing from 'xococ' (bitter) and 'atl' (water). I do not know which is right, but it does not matter, I know I like it! :)

    Nice, isn't it?

    Thank you, Auntie for all the info in this post!

    1. Very nice facts Od, thank you for telling , and thank you so much for the kind visit and beautiful words :)