Mommy I want to stay with you ! ( Short Story )

A young mother holding the baby
The little three years old girl was going to school for the first time. It was her first time when she was getting apart from her mother. School was not very far away from her home , it was at walking distance. The little girl's mother was walking, holding her daughter in her arms. The girl was continuously crying and telling her mother, '' Mommy I don't want to go to school.I just want to stay with you.''
"But my dear , you will have a lot of fun there, you know, there are toys and swings in the school.", said the mother.
Girl did not stop crying, ''No I don't want to play with toys I want to be with you."
Mother again tried  to calm down the child, ''You know baby, there are many children like you , you can play with them."
Girl started crying more, "No, mommy no I don't want to go there I have to stay with you."
They reached the school, the little girl did not want to leave her mother at any cost ,she was crying and only crying. Somehow the class teacher succeeded in making the little girl calm and convinced her to go to the class.
Mother returned home with a very heavy heart.Though she was busy with her household chores but her heart wasn't in them, it was with her daughter. She was watching the clock again and again and she could not wait to get her daughter back after the school.
At last the time came when her daughter's school was over.
The restless mother reached the school and picked her little daughter. The girl hugged her mother tightly. On the way to home the little girl said to her mom.....
''Mommy I will not go to the school again''. 
"Why baby, wasn't the school good ?", Mother asked .
"It was good , but I don't want to go there again."
"Were the children in your class bad ?", Mommy asked .
''No they were also good, but I will not go to school!", replied the little child.
She held her mom's face in her small hands and said with teary eyes "I don't want to go any where!",  I just want to stay with you!"

Do you know who is the girl in the story? Well my youngest daughter is the little girl of this story and the mother is obviously me.

My  daughter is 14 years old teenage girl now and she studies in 9th standard . This is a sweet and emotional memory of her childhood and as a mother I can't forget those moments.

                            A very very happy Mother's day!!
                                                                                                       -Aunt Mary
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  1. The first day of school can be so difficult for a child. Even an independent one like my daughter.
    Happy Mother's Day.

  2. Yes, you are right Roberto, thank's a lot :)

  3. What a touching story...
    mother and daughter bond!

    1. I am glad that you liked the story, thank you very much Joy :)

  4. This is a memory to be cherished, Auntie!

    Something that brings warm and pleasant feelings to the soul.

    A daughter is one of my dreams into the future! :)

    Thank you for sharing the cuteness of your child, and the warmth of your heart!

    1. My blessings are always with you, best of luck for your future Od, Thank you so much for reading the post and for so kind words :)

  5. I still remember my first day at school; the entire day I kept crying :( Happy Mother's Day !!

    1. Yes first day of school is one of the toughest day of life for all kids, thank's Jahid :)

  6. A perfect post for this very special day. A belated Happy Mothers Day to all mothers and mother figures out there.

  7. Thank you so very much Tracy , I am happy that you liked the post :)