The Wood cutter and the Lion (Moral Story)

A Long Time ago there lived a woodcutter in a village. The village was near a big jungle. Everyday the woodcutter would go to the jungle to cut wood. His wife would pack some home cooked food for the lunch.
One day when the wood cutter was eating his meal in the jungle , he saw a lion coming there.  He got so frightened to see the lion but had no way to get away. 
 ''This is the end of my life'', thought the woodcutter. 
But he got  surprised when the lion did not attack him and asked,
 "What are you eating ? It smells so good." 
''God has given me a chance to save my life.'' said the woodcutter to himself  and respectfully answered,''O king of jungle my wife cooked this food,I will be very happy if you have it.''
The food looked so tempting that the lion couldn't resist himself from eating it.He enjoyed the tasty meal and said to the woodcutter, '' Your wife is an excellent cook , you are very lucky to be eating such delicious food."
Now woodcutter said ,'' I bring my lunch pack with me daily, why don't you come and join me for lunch everyday?"
"Oh! That's very kind of you. It will be a great pleasure for me.", said the lion. 
From the next day the woodcutter and the lion started eating together  and they became very good friends. The lion was so happy that he could eat tasty cooked food instead of raw flesh. There was no need for him to search the prey. 
  Lion's friends, fox and crow got so upset because earlier when the lion used to hunt his prey, they would eat the left over flesh  and now when the lion was no more hunting they had to search their own food. They both were so lazy and clever and did not want to make any efforts to get their food.                                         
They went to the lion and said ,'' Sir, why are you not hunting these days ?Where do you go everyday to fill your stomach?"Lion          refused to tell them anything but the fox and crow were cunning animals, they insisted so much and the lion told them everything.  

 ''O our king please take us with you so that we can have a few bites of the tasty food.''  
Lion agreed to do so as they both were his friends for a long time.He did not know that his sly friends were planning to kill and eat the woodcutter. 
  Next day when the lion went to the woodcutter, he was not    alone the fox and the crow were with him too.
The woodcutter was waiting for the lion to come but when he saw the lion was coming with a fox and a crow he climbed up a nearby tree. The lion came and said, ''Why did you climb up to the tree? Why are you getting scared? I am your friend please come down." 
"No I will not.", said the woodcutter ''You promised me to come alone and now you have come with these cunning creatures. I am sure that they have misdirected you with their sweet -talks. They must have come with a bad intention I can't trust them. They are clever and  they can influence you to kill me. I can't put my life in danger.''
When the lion ,fox and crow went away, the woodcutter came down and went home.
Moral of the story- Always beware of cunning people .
                                                         (Panchtantra Story) Retold By- Aunt Mary

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