THE MISER MAN ( Moral Story)

Dear children, this is the story of a miser man .Once upon a time there was a man who was very wealthy and rich . He had a lot of money and a treasure of gold coins, ornaments  and precious stones .But he was a very miser man he always wanted to spend  very less money ,even the money which he gave to his wife to run the house was not even sufficient to fulfill the basic needs of the family.
       Though he was very rich but his wife and children  were living a life of poverty. He had a maid servant who he never paid on time and used to give her a very small salary .The maid was loyal towards the rich man's wife and children so she did not quit the job .One day the man thought maybe someone could steal his treasure so he went to the back yard and buried the treasure box under a tree.By chance a thief saw him doing so.When the man went back, the thief came and stole the treasure .Next morning the rich man went there and saw that his treasure had been stolen.He started crying loudly.A hermit saw him crying and asked him the reason.The man told him that someone had stolen his treasure box.The Hermit said,"Tell me the whole story,why did you bury the treasure? Don't hide anything from me,so that I can help you".The man told him everything.Meanwhile rich man's wife, his children and the maid came there. Hermit was a very learned man,and after listening what the rich man said and seeing the condition of his family members he immediately understood what the real matter was . He said to the man,"You are nothing but just a greedy and miser person .God almighty made you a rich and wealthy man but you did not share your wealth even with your family and the other person who serves you and helps you.You do not give them what they deserve being the family of a rich man like you. You have lost your treasure but that is a lesson for you, if you understand. Give your family members  their rights, and not just your family, share your money  and wealth with the people who deserve your help, the poor, the needy, the sick people.By the grace of God you will earn a lot of money if you continue  doing this good deed throughout your life ."
 After saying that, the hermit went from there.  The miser man apologized to his  family and maid servant, he was a completely changed man now .He took them to the market and bought a lot of gifts for them ,he also distributed the gifts among poor people around there.He decided that he will always remain the same in his upcoming life.His wife and children were the happiest people on the earth.
                                                                   Aunt Mary           


  1. Nice story Aunt Mary.

    Treasure your relationships, not your possessions.
    -Anthony J. D'Angelo

  2. Thanks Michelle, you are always a great support .
    Very nice quote.

  3. I never cease to be delighted by your posts, Auntie!

    Not only the stories but the pictures are so fresh and full of life I go back to believe in a nice future!

    Thank you a lot!!

  4. Thanks a lot my child ,your appriciation means a lot to me .
    Please keep visiting.

  5. There's a belief, the more you give to others, the more you'll get back. I like the lesson in this story. Surely children would understand the moral of the story.

    A nice post. :)

  6. Thanks my dear friend ,truly said .
    I am happy that you liked the story .

  7. thumbs up Aunt Mary!
    I love the story!
    Let's share our blessings and be wise : )

    1. Thank You Ric for your wonderful words

    2. Loved it....❤❤☝☝����

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