Once upon a time there was a crane who lived by the side of a beautiful lake. The lake was full of fishes ,crabs and other water animals . The crane was quite lazy and did not want to make any effort to get the food for himself ,he wanted to get his food very easily and always thought about that.
One day by chance a crab came near the side of the lake , the cunning crane saw him and said in a sad voice, " Oh dear crab I feel so sorry for you, your family and friends ". "But why? Why do you feel sorry for us ?"The crab asked him who was not aware of the fact that the crane was actually making a plan and was using him. 
  " Dear friend , yesterday I met a fortune-teller who told me that  This lake will be dead in next few days and all the creatures living in the lake will also lose their lives because of that".
"Oh , no! It is really such a bad news, I should tell it to my family and friends immediately '', Crab said.
"Don't be panic , please, I can help you all to survive ,I do not want to see you all dead .'' "Please tell me how can you help us''? Crab asked to the crane . 
"There is a very good lake , not very far away from here , I can take all of you there one by one and you can live there safely. "
"Oh, you are so kind , you will save our lives ". The crab went into the lake to tell all the animals, what the crane said . The poor innocent creatures decided that they will leave the lake one by one with the help of crane . 

 The crane said that he will take the fishes first , and he started carrying  the fishes on his back and instead of saving them he ate them all . He was so happy that his plan was successful.
One day the crab said to the crane " Dear friend please take me with you today''. The crane who had got bored of eating fishes daily and wanted to eat some other animal , agreed to take the crab with him.   The crab sat on his back and the crane flew in the sky. After some time crab asked ''How far is the new lake''?The crane answered ''There is no lake you fool , I lied to you to eat you all.Now it is your turn to die , I will eat you today."
Though the crab was frightened he gathered all his courage and grabbed the neck of crane with his claws and said '' Take me back to my home otherwise I will kill you ".The crane had no other choice and he flew back.
When the crane landed on the lake shore the crab jumped into the lake and saved his life . He told all the other creatures about the misdeed of the greedy crane and they all learned the lesson that one should ''Never Trust A Stranger''

                                       (Panchtantra Story) Re-Told by - Aunt Mary

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  1. Hello Aunt Mary, I'm just back from my holiday and catching up with my blogging friends. These are very wise words indeed. I will be back to read more or your posts as soon as I get a little time. Barbara.

    1. Thank you so much dear Barbara! I hope you enjoyed your holidays! :)

  2. Great lesson for kids...and yes even adults, never trust a stranger..

  3. Yes, never trust a stranger, especially nowadays.
    Have a nice day Aunt Mary:)

  4. Love your story. This can be said to kids to keep distance from unknown person and also need to hear the advice of the older peoples.

    1. Hi,
      Oh thanks a lot! :)
      Please Keep Visiting!! :)

  5. The moral is: Do not trust mermaids songs or you can be eaten!! :))

    But those songs are so beautiful!!! It is a pity we must lend a deaf ear to them!

    Thank you, Auntie, for so good advice, not only for tots, but for all of us!

    1. Thank you for sharing that beautiful moral Od, thank you so much for reading and for the lovely comment too :)

    2. Thank you for sharing that beautiful moral Od, thank you so much for reading and for the lovely comment too :)

  6. Good moral never trust a stranger .Have above day aunt Mary.