Popular Idioms with their Meanings and their use in Sentences

                  Definition of Idiom

An Idiom is a word or phrase which means something different from it's literal meaning. Idioms are common phrases or terms whose meaning is changed, but can be understood by their popular use.
     Twenty One Most Popular Idioms with Meanings and Examples
                               Best of Both Worlds
Meaning and Sentence of the idiom 'best of both worlds'
Meaning- A situation where one can enjoy the benefits of two very                           different things or opportunities at the same time.
Sentence- Every weekend Mohit comes to his home from the                                boarding school, Mohit is really lucky to have the best                                of both  worlds.
                 Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

'Every cloud has a silver lining' idiom's meaning and sentence
Meaning- Be optimistic; every bad situation has some good aspect
                     to it.
     Sentence- My former boss was rude to me, I learned to deal with                            rude people while working with him. I think that every                                cloud has a silver lining.                                 

               Killing Two Birds with One Stone

Meaning and sentence of the idiom' killing two birds with one stone'

Meaning-To Achieve two goals with one action.
Sentence- I killed two birds with one stone as I watched a movie                         last Sunday and after that also visited my friend who                                lives near the movie theatre.
                              Caught Red Handed
 Meaning and Sentence of the idiom 'Caught Red Handed'
 Meaning- Catching somebody in the act of doing something                                 wrong. 
Sentence-The shop keeper caught a shoplifter red handed when                            he was trying to steal goods from his shop.
                       Go The Extra Mile                                     
Meaning and sentence of the idiom ' Go the extra mile'
Meaning-To make extra effort to get it done.
Sentence- Sara is going the extra mile to get good marks in her                                annual exams.
                  Birds of a Feather Flock Together 
Meaning and sentence of the idiom 'Birds of a feather flock together'
Meaning-People of same type or having same interests generally                         spend time together.              
Sentence- Ali and Rohan are very good in studies and they both                             have interest in sports too. No wonder they hang out                                together most of the time like the birds of a feather                                  flock together.                             
                         To hit the nail on the head   
                                      Meaning and Sentence of the idiom 'Hit the nail on the head'Meaning- To describe a  situation exactly, especially a problem or                         a  solution.                          
 Sentence- Prime minister hit the nail on the head when he                                    launched a scheme to save and educate the girl child.
                                   To break the ice                                                                              
Meaning and sentence of the idiom 'To break the ice'
Meaning-  To get over the difficulties in starting a conversation                                  with someone.
Sentence- He tried to break the ice by asking her about her                                     favorite hobbies.
                                  Fingers Crossed            

 Meaning and Sentence of the idiom'Fingers crossed'

Meaning- To hope or wish for good luck.
Sentence- Hope you win the competition, I am keeping my fingers                              crossed. 
             Action Speaks Louder than words                        
                                                      Meaning and Sentence of the idiom ' Action speaks louder than words'
Meaning- It is better to act rather than speak about your intentions and                       feelings.
Sentence-Reema really cares for her mother, she helps her in the                      household activities, after all action speaks louder than words.                        
                The Ball is in Your Court

                  Meaning and Sentence of the idiom 'The ball is in your court'                            
 Meaning- It is up to someone to make the next decision or take a                            step.
Sentence- I have kept my point of view on this issue, now the ball                            is in your court.                                        
                                Crocodile Tears   
              Meaning and sentence of the idiom ' Crocodile tears'
 Meaning- Pretending feeling sad or upset when you do not really                            feel that way.
 Sentence- Sometimes she sheds crocodile tears to take the                                              attention of her parents. 
                             White Lie
                    Meaning and sentence of the the idiom 'White lie'
 Meaning- Telling a lie about when you don't want to hurt                                        somebody's feeling.
 Sentence-Maria told a white lie to her brother that she was not                         angry with him though she was not happy about what he                           had done.
                      Every Coin Has Two Sides

                           Meaning and sentence of the idiom 'Every coin has two sides'   Meaning- There are two sides of everything, one is positive and                                one is negative.
 Sentence- Globalisation is good for mankind but just as we                                      know that every coin has two sides, it has brought                                   some bad effects too. 
                                    Have A Blast                            

                 Meaning and Sentence of the idiom 'Have a blast'
Meaning- To have a great time and lots of fun  
Sentence- "Have a blast!Hope you enjoy the picnic.", daddy said to the
                    little kids.
       The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side           
Meaning and sentence of the Idiom'The grass is always greener on the other side'
 Meaning- A place or a situation that is far away or different seems better than one's present situation. 
 Sentence-  Sometimes I think that it will be good for me if quit my                               job and start a business,well the grass is always                                       greener on the other side.
                                      On Cloud Nine

Meaning and sentence of the Idiom 'On cloud nine'
   Meaning- To be extremely happy                        
   Sentence- My daughter got admission in her favorite college, she is                           on cloud nine these days.                

                          The icing on the cake 
                  Meaning and sentence of the idiom' The icing on the cake'  
Meaning- Something really good that makes a good situation even                          better.
Sentence- The food was awesome and prices were reasonable.                     Moreover they served us a free dessert ,that was definitely                       the icing on the cake.
                                       Bed of Roses         
                                                                 Meaning and sentence of the idiom' Bed of roses'
     Meaning- A pleasant and easy situation.
Sentence- Do you think that a house wife's job is a bed of roses?
                         Make A long Story Short

 Meaning and Sentence of the idiom'Make a long story short'

Meaning- To speak to the point leaving the details out, telling what                          you are saying in a shorter way.
Sentence-  To Make a long story short, I really had a great day.                             
                                   Eat Like a Horse
 Meaning and Sentence of the idiom 'Eat like a horse'
Meaning- To eat a lot of food
 Sentence-  I am so hungry, I am going to eat like a horse tonight.   
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  1. Hello Aunt Mary, I expected to know and understand all twenty idioms and was therefore surprised to find one I hadn’t heard before. Every coin has two sides is completely new to me, but I can see its going to be useful, thank you for that.
    One you’ve not included which I use all the time is “ You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs” meaning it’s difficult to achieve something important without causing any unpleasant effects.
    I enjoyed your post very much.
    Happy New Year, Barbara

    1. Dear Barbara,

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