Common Torpedo (The Fish Which Gives Electric Shock)

  Dear children, you all are familiar with fishes. Fishes live in rivers, lakes, ponds and seas. Nature has made the fish in such a way that they are perfectly suited to their underwater life.There are many kind of fishes such as goldfish, dart fish, puffer fish, sharks, bony fish, catfish and a lot of other fishes.
One of these fishes is Common Torpedo. It is found in Mediterranean sea and Atlantic ocean.This fish is about  24 inches long. It has five blue spots on its back. It's tale is short and thick. When an enemy attacks it, the common torpedo fish gives a strong electric shock to defend itself.It also uses the shock to attack it's prey. The shock given by common torpedo is to 200 volts. Torpedo eats bony fishes.A device is also named after torpedo.  
 Hope this short  article about common torpedo will increase your general knowledge.


  1. Thanks for increasing my knowledge Aunt Mary, I didn't know they gave out an electric shock.

    They don't look like normal fish, more like great big tadpoles.

    1. You are welcome my dear friend ,yes this fish looks different from other fishes.
      Thanks for the kind visit.

  2. I knew about electric eels. Thanks for the Torpedo information! I like how it looks :)

  3. Thank you Nina, please keep visiting thanks for your support.