JINN IS AFRAID OF .............. ?

Bobby was going back  home after playing . When he was on his way suddenly a shiny beautiful stone drew his attention. It was triangle shaped stone . Bobby had never seen a stone like that . He picked up that stone rubbed it by his hands and guess what ? From the stone smoke started coming out and a"JINN" appeared in front of the little boy . Bobby got so scared and stunned. The Jinn said to Bobby," No sir you don't need to be scared I will not harm you .You have let me out of this stone so now I am your servant and will help you out in every task!" ."But my parents will not allow me to keep a Jinn in my home!", Bobby said .
                      " Do not worry sir, I am only visible to you, any other person would not be able to see me ", the Jinn answered. " O.k then you can come with me ". Bobby was too happy that he had a Jinn as a helper now . He took the Jinn home . After having his evening snacks he went to his room with the Jinn and said to him, " Mr. Jinn can you help me to clean my wardrobe ?".  "Yes why not sir?", Jinn answered. And the untidy and messy wardrobe became so clean and tidy within few minutes .   
                  "Could you please help me to change the bed sheet and pillow covers ?", Bobby asked. "Yes sir, it will be my pleasure!", said the Jinn . The work was done . Jinn did several jobs including the resetting of the toy shelf, cleaning the flower pot, polishing the shoes etc.  Mom will be so happy to see my room she always says that, " Your room is a mess!", Bobby thought happily . 

 Now it was time to do the home work . Bobby had to solve ten very difficult sums . He asked Mr. Jinn, "Can you help me with my home work ?". " Of course , I will! " , Mr. Jinn said with a lovely smile on his face." Tell me in which subject  you want me to help you ?", Jinn asked. "Well you have to help me to solve few sums in Maths" , Bobby said and turned back to open his bag . He took out his note book and looked for Jinn but he was not there . 
                    Mr. Jinn ! 
                    Mr Jinn where are you ? 
There was no sign of Mr. Jinn . "Ah ! Maths !! Even a Jinn is afraid of Maths!!" , a very disappointed Bobby started doing the sums .                                                                                              -Aunt Mary



  1. I think everyone on earth is afraid of math lol. Even me, and I'm dating a math professor!

    1. Hi Optimstic,
      Oh Yes!! I am also afraid of Maths! :) :P
      Thank You so much for your kind visit and read. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Dear Joy,
      Hehe I think everybody can relate with this post! :)
      Thank you so much for your kind visit and read! :))

  3. Until I started balancing languages, Math was the base of my Electronic MS job, but it was not a problem, because I had Elf. :)

    I didn't rub a stone, but I had all the help I wanted... and that I did not want, too! :) That's Elf, you know!

    Now, the little imp is making most of the translations and interpretation for me! Ain't me lucky?! :))

    Nice tale, Auntie! I never knew a Jinn, but I can understand the poor fellow!! :))

    Thank you!

    1. Dear Od Liam,
      Wow Od! You are really lucky to have Elf with you. He is so intelligent. :)
      You are also very lucky that you don't need to be afraid of Maths!;)
      It seems Elf is always ready to help you! :)
      Thanks a lot Od for your kind visit, sweet words and read! :) :)

  4. HA! Cute story. Maybe the Jinn wasn't really afraid of math... maybe he just knew Bobby would be better off doing some things for himself. (Okay, so maybe he WAS scared...)

    1. Thank you very much , all I wanted to show through this story that our children have to study too hard in maths . Thank's for sharing your thoughts about the post :)