Saturday, 22 February 2014


This had happened with me a few years ago when I met a person who made my condition serious by her behavior. She was my neighbor and the wife of my husband's senior colleague.We lived in the same building. I do not want to disclose her name so I will call her Mrs.X  here. The lady was suffering from a disease called 'Humiliating other people by unnecessary criticism'. Though I could not recognize her disease in the beginning and took her and her criticism seriously and in a very genuine way. 

I remember that it was a small get together of ladies at my house.I   served the sweets and snacks which I had made after long hours of devoted cooking. While everyone was enjoying eating the items I
cooked and liked them a lot, dear Mrs.X asked after having four or five of them, '' Have you made these Laddoos (Indian sweet) with rice flour!? It is not having the taste of Laddoo.''(with a facial expression of 'you have made a huge mistake!')  

I was feeling very bad that I served such bad Laddoos for my distinguished guest and was filled with guilt though I didn't make the laddoos with rice flour. This was the first time when I was victimized by Mrs.X.
One day she met me at the school where my kids studied .She was there to get the admission form for her niece. I went to school to pickup my youngest daughter ,I was just five minutes late because I had to withdraw some cash and as the A.T.M machine was not working well , I got late by a few minutes. 'And that was my horrible  mistake.'
''You should have come on time, you are late, it will leave a negative impact on your daughter. She will never understand the importance of time in future.'', said Mrs.X .

 "How bad I was as a mother , I was ruining my own child!'' , I was catching the disease!
My next encounter with the respected lady was when we met at a wedding, This time I had made the mistake of  appreciating the beauty of the bride, ''Look at her, she is looking stunning!'' I said to Mrs.X , pointing out towards the bride . 
''I don't think so...", Mrs.X said , "Look at her hair , what has she done  with it! , it is looking like she has got a mountain on her head!" .
This time I really felt bad , I felt bad for the poor bride because she was really looking beautiful.

After that meeting I realized that Mrs.X had a habit to criticize other people in order to demean them. Later I came to know from my friends that Mrs.X behaved in this way with everybody and that is why people who knew her well didn't take her seriously. After that I had many encounters with Mrs.X but I was determined not to take her criticism seriously. 

Now when I remember those encounters with Mrs.X , a smile comes on my face remembering how foolish I was that I became a victim of a person like Mrs.X.

So my friends, one thing we must have in our minds that healthy criticism is good for us and we should welcome it. But unnecessary criticism is not worthy of being accepted. 

                                                  - With Love Aunt Mary 


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

WINTER IS GONE ...( Rhyme)

                                      Wow, wow wow,
                                      Winter is gone now

                                      No more foggy days,
                                      No cold waves,

                                      Weather is clear,
                                       No cold's fear,

                                      We can go out ,
                                      To play and chill out. 
                                                          With Love- Aunt Mary

Friday, 14 February 2014


One day a king came out from his palace for the morning walk surrounded by his soldiers. A man who was standing outside the palace wanted to meet the king. The king's soldiers took him to the king . The king asked " Why did you want to meet me?''
"O' respected king , you are so lucky for me. I have gambled in your name and I have won a big amount of money, so I bought a chicken for you please accept it, my heart will break if you will not take it." King was flattered by what the man said about him and he accepted the gift ( the chicken ).

After few days after that man again came to the king and said, '' O my king how lucky you are for me , today I have again gambled in your name and I won a very big amount of money , I am so greatful to you and I want to gift you a goat. The king became very happy and he accepted the goat.

The very next day the gambler came crying and said ,"O' king yesterday I gambled in the name of you and I lost my cow. What do I do now? I get my earnings by selling cow's milk.Now my wife and children will die with hunger. Please help me''. 
The King had to behave like a king so he gave the man a cow, but he learned a lesson that never get flattered by any one's sweet talks and never accept a gift from a gambler. 
                                                            With Love-Aunt Mary 

Friday, 24 January 2014


                                                      The warm sun rays......
                                           On cold winter days,
                                           Relief for all
                                           As they fall,
                                          Pleasant and bright,
                                          Rays of sun light,
                                          Help us to fight.......
                                         With cruel cold waves,
                                         The mild sun rays,
                                         On sharp winter days.
                                                          With Love-Aunt Mary


Saturday, 18 January 2014

AND THAT'S HOW THE THIEF WAS CAUGHT! ( Short funny story )

The incident took place on a cold frosty morning . A lady who was alone in her house , came out of the door to pick up the newspaper . A man who had covered his face with a mask forced the woman to let him enter the house at the gun point and asked the woman to get him the keys of the safe. 

The poor frightened woman gave him the keys of locker as she found no other way.
The man took out all the money and jewellery from the safe, and ran away.
The woman called the police and told them what had happened.
According to the description given by the woman police caught two men. The cops asked the woman to tell if the thief was one of those two men. The woman got confused because the appearance of two men was was quite similar and it was difficult for her to find out the real culprit.
The police gave her some time to think and started questioning the two men. Both of them denied the theft. While they were answering the questions the woman was watching them carefully.
  When one of the man was talking with the police and moving his hands in an opposing manner saying '' I did not commit the crime as simple as that! I was at my home in the morning you can ask my wife as simple as that , how could I be present at two places at the same time as simple as that."   The woman whispered to cop sitting next to her '' Yes I remember, that man is the thief , I recognized  him!"
"Are you sure ma'am ?", the cop asked her. "Yes officer!  I am quite sure. I remember he used the words ''as simple as that'' many times as he is doing now.Please ! Believe me and take some action".
After a little hard work police found the money and ornaments from that man's place.
''And that is how the thief was caught.''
                                                 With love Aunt Mary

Saturday, 11 January 2014


                    "Knowledge is love and life and vision"
                                                                              - Helen Keller
  Yes, there is no doubt about that, that knowledge is great. A person with knowledge is far more better than a person who is in the darkness of ignorance. Knowledge is the key to success, you could gain respect, power and position through knowledge. 
  God has given us this great ability to achieve the knowledge and to use it for our own betterment and the welfare of  society. Knowledge  is the power which enables the man to search , invent and discover the new aspects of life.It helps the mankind to make the world a better, safe, convenient and beautiful place to live.
  Knowledge is a treasure that cannot be stolen . This is the only     wealth that increases when you spend it.It is the light that spreads, and removes the darkness. Knowledge was , is and will be the need of human kind.

  It helps us to come out as a confident and mature person. A man who has knowledge sees the life with a different and better point of view. Knowledge gives us moral support and strength and it also  makes us a strong and open minded person.

        " But we must keep in mind one most important thing, that we should use our knowledge for the benefit of ourselves and other people. It must be used in a constructive manner not in destructive."Our power of knowledge is valuable, through which we can change the negative to positive and the worst to better.So we have to utilise this great power carefully and wisely to get the best result that is profitable for whole mankind. 
                  "When you know better you do better"
                                                                - Maya Angelou
                                                           With Love- Aunt Mary    



Thursday, 9 January 2014


                                O little butterfly how do you fly?!!!
                          I have wings, so I can fly.

                          O little butterfly what do you eat?!!!
                          Liquid of fruits and nectar I eat.
                          O little butterfly where is your home?!!!
                           I live every where,world is my home.  

                          Butterfly ,flutterfly who made you ?!!!  
                          Maker of all who made me and you .
                                                                      With Love-Aunt Mary


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