Monday, November 16, 2015

William Tell (A Swedish Folktale)

Many years ago there lived a man beside the lake Lucerne  in Switzerland. His name was William Tell. William was a brave and strong man, he was a crossbow expert too.
 Gessler the mayor of the town near William's house was a cruel and  arrogant man.People were afraid of him and did not like him.Gessler hung his hat on a pole under the linden tree of town and ordered that all the townsfolk must bow before his hat. 
One day William and his young son, Walter visited the town and passed by the linden tree. There,William refused to bow before Gessler's hat. As a result ,William and his son got arrested by Gessler's men.
''Bow to my hat , otherwise I will kill you.'',angry Gessler shouted.
''I won't. Do whatever you want to .'',William said fearlessly.
''Alright, I give you a chance to save your life..... if you shoot an apple off the head of your son in a single attempt, I will set you free.'',said the cruel man. Gessler's men made little Walter stand under the tree and put an apple on his head.
William split the apple with an arrow from his crossbow. 
 Gessler noticed that William took out two arrows from his quiver,not just one.
''Why did you take out another arrow?'',He asked William.
''I would have used it to shoot you if my son had got killed.'' ,William replied.
 ''Guards,take him to my castle he will spend his whole life in the prison.'' Gessler said angrily. His men brought William to the boat.
When the boat was moving on it's way to the castle, there arose a big storm on lake Lucerne.
''Please, allow us to remove William's shackles, he can save us, he can steer the boat.'' The frightened soldiers begged Gessler. 
Gesslers allow them to do so.
While William was steering the boat, he saw that there was a rock in front of the boat,he soon jumped from the boat to that rock. Boat hit the rock and Gessler and his men fell into the water.
''What have you done !? I will not leave you and the people of town   alive.'' Gessler screamed in anger.
William Tell shot Gessler with one of his arrows. It was the end of  the life of cruel Gessler. 
                                      A Swedish folktale retold by-Aunt Mary 


Friday, October 30, 2015

Ten Important Reasons To Save Trees

Trees are among the most precious and valuable gifts given to us by nature and we need to save them.Saving trees is one of the biggest needs of today.It is important to save trees because life exists on the earth due to them,  all living things on the planet earth are directly or indirectly dependent on trees for their survival.
Besides providing shelter and food for mankind and for other living creatures there are so many reasons to save trees and here are a few important reasons out of those :-
1. Trees produce oxygen- As we all know that we can't breathe without oxygen and trees provide it for us. One tree produces two hundred and sixty pounds of oxygen every year on an average. Two mature trees can produce enough oxygen for a family of four members.
2.Trees clean the air-Trees play an important role in cleaning the air by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and by intercepting the airborne particles like fog, dust and smoke.Trees also absorb odors and the harmful pollutant gases like sulfur dioxide , carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and bad ozone. They improve the quality of air by filtering out pollution particulates, they trap them on their leaves and barks.
3.Trees bring rain-Trees help to increase rainfall due to the process of transpiration.The leaves, stems and flowers of trees release water as water vapor in the air. This water vapor adds moisture in the air and makes it saturated and then the rainfall occurs.
4. Trees prevent soil erosion-Trees protect the soil against the ravages of wind and rain.Strong roots of trees hold the soil in place and prevent it from getting washed or blown away due to water or air respectively. Thus , trees protect the soil surface . By this way trees help to counter any long-term damage to our environment.
5.Trees reduce the heat and boost air conditioning-Trees help to reduce the temperature of air by blocking the sunlight. As mentioned above a tree releases water as water vapor in the air through the process of transpiration. This conversion of water to water vapor helps to remove heat energy from the air.
Trees also work as a natural air conditioner .A single tree can produce the cooling effects of 10 room size air conditioners. Trees can reduce the air-conditioning needs by at least 30 percent if we place them properly around buildings.
6.Trees save water -Trees can save water as the shade provided by them slows down water evaporation.They prevent the slow loss of water by increasing the atmospheric moisture.Trees slow down water runoff and help to recharge groundwater.According to the experts, trees with deep roots can help ground water recharging during monsoon season.
7.Trees control flood-Trees can trap a large amount of water with the help of their roots.They prevent water runoff during heavy rain fall that can cause flooding. 
8. Shade of trees protect us from ultra-violet rays-The shade of trees protect you from the harmful effects of the sun's ultra-violet rays,these rays  can cause the skin cancer.Trees could reduce the risk of skin cancer by providing protection against sun exposure.They can reduce the UVB exposure by about 50 percent.
9.Trees increase the value of property-Trees add beauty to a place.Researches say that people love to buy a house or a property surrounded by green trees.Trees around a property can increase its value by more than 15 percent.
10. Trees provide medicines- Trees have always been an important source of a wide variety of medicines.Today about 50,000 plant species are used to make medicines.The extract of leaves, barks, roots ,seeds, wood and flowers of different trees have been used to make medicines to cure different types of diseases.In fact trees provide a wealth of useful remedies for human race.
These are only a few reasons among uncountable reasons to save trees but are enough to help us to understand the importance of saving trees. If we want to save our future we must Save Trees.


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