Wednesday, April 22, 2015

United We Stand, Divided We Fall ( Moral Story )


Once upon a time a man lived in a village with his three sons. All three of them were good, hardworking fellows. The old man had no complaint with them except that they fought with each other all the time.
             'They fought for every single reason , big or small.'
The poor old man always told them to stop fighting with each other and to stay united but all his efforts failed. He got so worried, ''My sons fight all the time even in front of my eyes, what will they do after I die! I have to do something about their quarrels. He continued thinking.
Next day he called his three sons, when they came he gave a bundle of sticks to his elder son, ''Come on let me see if you can break it or not ?''
The elder son tried but couldn't break the sticks.
 "Now it's your turn." , said the old man to his second son. ''Break it.''
The second son tried with all his strength to break the bundle but he failed too.
"Can you break these sticks my son ?" , asked the father to his youngest son .
The young man tried so hard but did not succeed.
Now the old man took back the bundle of sticks and separated the sticks and gave one stick each to his sons and told them to break it.
The three boys very easily broke the stick.
Listen my boys said the old man to his sons,'' You become as weak as a single stick when you are divided, but when you are united you are as strong as a bundle of sticks . So  if you want to be strong and powerful do not fight with each other and stay united.'' 
The three young men had now learnt a big lesson of life. They promised their father that they will not fight again and will maintain their unity as brothers in the upcoming life.
Moral of the story is-
United we stand divided we fall image
                                                                                           Aesop's Fable Re told by -Aunt Mary    

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Did you know these amazing facts ?

              Without air sky would look black even during the day .
 Frogs have sticky tongues. They flick them out to catch flies.

In Japan people are employed to push the passengers on to crowded tube trains.
In Australia some farms are so big and large , farmers use planes to get across these farms.
Panama hats are made from Palm tree leaves that grow in Ecuador.
Some singers can sing a note so high that it will shatter a glass.
The golden-white coat of Arctic foxes turn white in winter to hide the animals in the snow.
The German composer Beethoven was only three when he performed his first piece of music.
In 1963 a volcanic island suddenly appeared in the sea .It is called Surtsey.It is now home to plants.
In South America some bridges are made of plaited grass.
At the age of two years, a boy is half his adult height.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Little Sparrow Says (Poem )

                                                           image source-bn

                                                                    Hello !

                                    I am little sparrow,
                                    have you seen me?
                                    I hope so.

                                   I am little sparrow
                                   overlooked and ignored
                                   I am little sparrow
                                   your social native bird.
                                  Will you let me
                                  make a small nest?
                                  In a corner of your house
                                  where I can rest.
                                 Will you give me 
                                 some grain and water?
                                 I will be thankful to you
                                 for food and shelter.
                                I will sing everyday
                                just for you,
                                I will pray with my heart,
                                "God bless you !"
                                                          - Aunt Mary

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Pencil Story


ello dear friends,  you know me well ! I am your little Pencil, you use me to write on paper and to make beautiful drawings or sketches.I am a useful little instrument for students as well as professionals.

Today I am sharing some information about me with all of you. I hope that you will find it interesting.
Most of the people think that a pencil is made of lead but the fact is that is that pencil contains no lead. A pencil is made of Graphite which is the form of carbon. Earlier people used to call Graphite black lead.                       
A very large amount of Graphite(Black Carbon) was found in Cumbria (England) at a place called Borrowdale. It was the time before 1565. The people of that place found it very useful to mark their sheep. It was pure and solid to be divided into sheets. The sheets were cut into sticks.These graphite sticks or rods were placed between two wooden halves,these halves then glued together to form a pencil. That is how pencil came into existence.

Later in the year
1795 , a French officer Nicolas Jaques Conte developed the method of mixing clay with powdered Graphite
and forming the mixture into rods.The making of modern pencil is based on that method.


Today different grades of pencil are in use .The most popular and common pencil which people normally use for writing is HB grade pencil. 9H is the hardest and 9B is the softest pencil.
 Now let me tell you one more thing that how I got my name.The word Pencil comes from the Latin word Penicillus which means the little tail.
So this is my little story, 'The Pencil Story'.