Friday, September 18, 2015

Photosynthesis (Poem)

                                                          Plants need food,
                                    plants eat food,
                                    they make this..
                                    with photosynthesis!
                                    A process that needs..
                                    sunlight and water,
                                    and carbon dioxide..
                                    from the air!
                                   In this process,
                                   the living plants cells,
                                   with chlorophyll inside,
                                   turn carbon dioxide...
                                   into starch and sugar..
                                   with the help of water.
                                   The process takes place...
                                   in the presence of sunlight,
                                   the plants get food,
                                   and stay alright.
                                                           -Aunt Mary

Friday, August 28, 2015

Greed Is A Curse( Moral Story)

Once upon a time in a village there lived a poor man with his wife. They kept some hens as pets and sold their eggs to earn their living. 
One day the man was returning home from the market and on the way he saw a goose wandering here and there, it looked like she had lost her way.
''How healthy and beautiful goose is this! It will be good for us if I take it home with me'', thought the man.  He caught the goose and took her home along with him. His wife became so glad to see the goose.
She said happily,''We have only hens as pets, now we have a goose too! So we can sell the goose eggs also. I am sure we can make some  good  money by selling the eggs'' 
Next morning when the man and his wife went in the backyard to collect the eggs, they were amazed to see that ''the goose had laid a golden egg.'' 
''Oh! this goose is not an ordinary goose! It's special! It laid a golden egg.We are so lucky!'' They got so happy.The man sold the egg in the market and got a good amount of money. 

The goose laid a golden egg everyday and the man and his wife earned a lot of money by selling the golden eggs in the market.
They were no more poor and were living a very happy and good life because of that goose. 
But as they say ''  He who has much wants more.'' 
The man was not satisfied with what he had, he became greedy and wanted more money. 
He said to his wife,''The goose lays a golden egg everyday, it must have a big lump of gold in its inside... if we cut open the goose's stomach we can get that lump of gold and become very rich.'' He killed the goose and having done so he found that it was like any other goose there was no lump of gold inside it.
The foolish and greedy man who wanted to become rich all at once lost his everyday gain.The goose that laid the golden eggs for them  was dead and now they had no golden eggs any more.

Moral Of the story-''Greed is a curse''  
                                                                   An Aesop's Fable
                                                     Retold by -Aunt Mary 

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