Much Wants More Loses All (Short Moral Story)

Dog and his shadow image
Once there was a dog who found a big piece of cheese. The dog was so happy to get such nice food for his lunch. '' I should go to a nice and calm place and enjoy the cheese'', he thought.

He carried the piece of cheese in his mouth and went on. While he was going beside a stream the dog saw his reflection in the stream's water. 

Oh! There is another dog like me, he is also carrying a piece of cheese. I will have two pieces of cheese if I get that piece too.''
Thinking that he opened his mouth to catch the piece in the water, and as soon as the dog opened his mouth ,the piece of cheese that he held fell into the water. 

Ah! Due to his greed and the urge to get another piece the dog lost his piece of cheese too.   
As they say '' Much wants more loses all.'' 
                                  Much wants more loses all image
                                           An Aesop's fable re-told by-Aunt Mary

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Help Stop Pollution (Poem)

                                  Pollution on streets 
                                  and in the air..
                                  So sad.. we see,
                                  pollution everywhere.
                                  we can prevent it...
                                  by doing our bit..
                                 to stop the pollution,
                                 that is the solution.
                                 By less use of cars..
                                 they pollute air
                                 for reducing pollution
                                 carpools are better.
                                 Riding the cycle
                                 is good option..
                                 it does not 
                                 create the pollution.
                                 By putting off the lights
                                 when we don't need..
                                 it saves electricity
                                 that's good indeed.
                                 By reusing goods..
                                 and recycling waste.
                                 planting more trees 
                                 is always the best.
                                These are the ways,
                                we must follow always
                                to stop the pollution
                                to help our nation.
                                                          -Aunt Mary

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