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 Dear children, Here are some amazing facts about the king of jungle 'The Lion'.
All these facts have been taken from Wikipedia

                                         Facts about lion
1.Lion is the second largest cat in the world  after the tiger.
2.Wild lions live in Africa and in Asia. 
3. Lions live for ten to fourteen years in the forest but they live longer than twenty years when they are captured. The reason behind this is that they get hurt while fighting with other lions in the jungle. 
4. Lions sleep for 20 hours a day.
5.A group of lions is called a pride. There may be ten to forty lions 
   in a pride.
6. The baby lions are called cubs they are born after three and half       months.
7. The cubs are born blind they can not see well untill they are about two weeks old.
8. Lionesses the female lions usually do the hunting for pride , sometimes lions help them in hunting to take down the big animals.
9. Lioness is smaller than lion and runs fast over short distances.
10. Every lion's roar is different from other lion.
11.Each pride of lions has a home area that is called territory.
12.Tiger,Jaguar and leopard are supposed to be the closest relatives of lion.
13. Unfortunately there are only 30,000 lions left in the forests of Africa.
14.There are only 350 lions left in Asia and they live in Gir Forest in India.
15.Lions are used as symbols representing courage.
                                                                               -Aunt Mary
                                           Have a wonderful day

Saturday, 24 January 2015


Once there was a bird catcher who would catch different kinds of birds . He trained them to sing and talk and then he sold the birds to other people. He wandered from one place to another to catch and sell the birds. 
One day he caught a beautiful parrot and put him in a cage. The parrot got so scared and anxious as his freedom was taken away from him.He felt helpless and couldn't understand that what would he do now. His life was completely changed in a few seconds.
Few moments back he was flying freely in the blue sky and now he was in a prison.
The  parrot gathered his courage and told himself, '' I should not loose hope,  I have to find a way to get out of this cage and become free again.
The bird catcher started giving training of talking and singing to  the parrot  and the poor one had to learn that because if he would not the cruel man would poke him with stick. Soon the parrot began to talk and sing well.

One day when the bird seller was selling the birds on the street a man came to him and said ,'' Do you have a talking parrot who can sing as well? I want to give that as a gift to my wife."
"Yes sir , of course I have a parrot which can talk and sing beautifully. I am sure your wife will be very happy to have that parrot."
 He showed the little parrot to that man and said to the parrot, "Come on , you little parrot, sing a song for this gentleman."
"Maybe this is the chance for me to get rid of this cruel bird catcher and to get my freedom back.", thought the little parrot.
He sang a beautiful song in a sweet and melodious voice .The man got so impressed that he bought the parrot for his wife.
He reached home with the parrot and told his wife that he had bought a talking and singing parrot for her. The woman was so happy to get the gift. 
The man said to the parrot, ''Come on little parrot ,say hello to madam and sing a song for her.'' The parrot said nothing and kept quiet. "Maybe he has got scared , because he is at a new place with new people. We will try later.", said the man.
Next day the man and his wife again spoke to the parrot but he did not say anything. Maybe he will speak after some days. A whole week passed but the parrot did not speak a single word .
Now the woman lost her temper and said to her husband, '' You lied to me, this parrot can't talk , he is dumb . I will not keep this useless bird in my home. She opened the door of the cage and said to the little parrot, '' Get out from here! You are good for nothing!''
The parrot came out of the cage and flew away in the sky.
As they say - ''Where there is a will there is a way.''  
                                                                                                                     - Aunt Mary


Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Five Famous Nursery Rhymes And their Origin

                                                    image credit- Pixabay
Nursery rhymes are essential and important part of a child's early education and learning.  These rhymes are helpful to improve a child's vocabulary skills and they also play an effective role to build a child's power of imagination.
There are some very popular English nursery rhymes which are  known worldwide and are being used to teach children in most of the countries. We are familiar with these beautiful rhymes but most of  us are unaware of their origin.
So let's know about the origin of some famous and popular nursery rhymes-
                                         Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
                                                    image credit-Pixabay
This well known and very popular English rhyme was written by English poet John Taylor. The title of the poem was The Star. This poem was first published in 1806 in Rhymes for the Nursery.This book was a collection of poems and rhymes by John Taylor and his sister Ann. Only the first stanza of the poem is widely known although the poem has six, four line stanzas.
                                           Mary Had A Little Lamb

                                                    illustration-WW Denslow
                                                                                             image credit- Wikipedia
 Another very famous and beautiful nursery rhyme that is so popular among children is Mary Had A Little Lamb which is an English rhyme of American origin.The rhyme was published in the year 1830 as an original poem by Sarah Josepha Hale. The poem is inspired by a real incident. A young girl Mary took her pet lamb to school one day at the suggestion of her brother.
                                             Humpty Dumpty
image credit-Pixabay

Most of us are familiar with the rhyme Humpty Dumpty. It is one of the best English nursery rhymes we have. It is a traditional rhyme from England .It was published in 1797 for the first time.In this rhyme Humpty Dumpty is portrayed as an egg with human characteristics.
                                                   Jack And Jill

Public domain image of Jack and Jill
                                                      illustration WW Denslow
                                                                                          image credit-Wikipedia
Jack and Jill is the all time favorite . This rhyme was written in 18th century in England .It was first published in 1765 and is a traditional nursery rhyme of England which later became famous worldwide. Jack is the most common name used in English.
                                             I am A little Teapot  

image credit-Pixabay 
 The well known rhyme I am a little teapot is actually an American song which describes that how a teapot works. It was written by George Harold Sanders and Clarence Z. Kelley and was published for first time in 1839.It is an all time favorite nursery rhyme which is easy to learn and catchy as well.
 So which is your favorite English rhyme among these ?

                                                                                                       -Aunt Mary

Thursday, 8 January 2015

The Solar System- Poem

                                                              image credit-Pixabay                                                    
                            Just like you and just like me,
                            Sun too has it's own family.
                            Solar system it is known as,
                           A real big family that sun has.
                           Sun is the biggest in whole family,
                           Next to the sun is planet Mercury.
                           Next is Venus and guess who is third?
                           None other than our beautiful Earth.
                           Fourth is Mars and Jupiter next, 
                           It is the planet that's largest.
                           Uranus comes after Saturn,
                           In order of distance from our sun.
                           Neptune is happy with the last place,
                           At least it has a place in space.
                          Besides eight planets, moon and comets, 
                          Solar System has many other objects.
                          This solar family stays together,
                          Never gets apart from each other.
                                                                        -Aunt Mary

 Explanation-  The poem describes the Solar System which is consists of the sun, the eight planets,satellites like the moon and many asteroids,meteors and comets.The sun is the largest among them.In order of  their distance from the sun the planets in this system are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn ,Uranus and Neptune. Due to the strong pull of sun's gravity the solar family stays together.                    
                                                               image credit-clipartlordcom

Friday, 2 January 2015


A Long Time ago there lived a woodcutter in a village. The village was near a big jungle. Everyday the woodcutter would go to the jungle to cut wood. His wife would pack some home cooked food for the lunch.

One day when the wood cutter was eating his meal in the jungle , he saw a lion coming there.  He got so frightened to see the lion but had no way to get away. 
 ''This is the end of my life'', thought the woodcutter. 
                                                                                                                     image source-Pixabay

But he got  surprised when the lion did not attack him and asked,
 "What are you eating ? It smells so good." 
''God has given me a chance to save my life.'' said the woodcutter to himself  and respectfully answered,''O king of jungle my wife cooked this food,I will be very happy if you have it.''
The food looked so tempting that the lion couldn't resist himself from eating it.He enjoyed the tasty meal and said to the woodcutter, '' Your wife is an excellent cook , you are very lucky to be eating such delicious food."
Now woodcutter said ,'' I bring my lunch pack with me daily, why don't you come and join me for lunch everyday?"
"Oh! That's very kind of you. It will be a great pleasure for me.", said the lion. 
From the next day the woodcutter and the lion started eating together  and they became very good friends. The lion was so happy that he could eat tasty cooked food instead of raw flesh. There was no need for him to search the prey. 
  Lion's friends, fox and crow got so upset because earlier when the lion used to hunt his prey, they would eat the left over flesh  and now when the lion was no more hunting they had to search their own food. They both were so lazy and clever and did not want to make any efforts to get their food.                                         

                                                                                     image source-Pixabay
They went to the lion and said ,'' Sir, why are you not hunting these days ?Where do you go everyday to fill your stomach?"Lion          refused to tell them anything but the fox and crow were cunning animals, they insisted so much and the lion told them everything.  

 ''O our king please take us with you so that we can have a few bites of the tasty food.''  
Lion agreed to do so as they both were his friends for a long time.He did not know that his sly friends were planning to kill and eat the woodcutter. 
  Next day when the lion went to the woodcutter, he was not    alone the fox and the crow were with him too.
                                                                 image source-Pixabay
The woodcutter was waiting for the lion to come but when he saw the lion was coming with a fox and a crow he climbed up a nearby tree. The lion came and said, ''Why did you climb up to the tree? Why are you getting scared? I am your friend please come down." 
"No I will not.", said the woodcutter ''You promised me to come alone and now you have come with these cunning creatures. I am sure that they have misdirected you with their sweet -talks. They must have come with a bad intention I can't trust them. They are clever and  they can influence you to kill me. I can't put my life in danger.''
When the lion ,fox and crow went away, the woodcutter came down and went home.
Moral of the story- Always beware of cunning people in your life
                                                                        (Panchtantra Story) Retold By- Aunt Mary

                                     image credit-

Thursday, 25 December 2014


                                                       image source-Pixabay
1. Do you know that an alligator can not stick it's tongue out ?
                                              image source-pixabay
2.Skin is the largest organ in human body.
                                                                       image source-pixabay
3. An adult giraffe's kick is so powerful that it can kill a lion.

                                               image source-Pixabay
4. A squirrel can climb trees faster than it can run on the ground. 

image source-pixabay

 5. A  grasshopper's blood is green in color.                                                                                        

6.A Tasmanian devil which mainly has black fur turns pinkish red 
when it gets angry.
                                                                   image source-Pixabay
7.A hippopotamus has a 4 cm thick skin , the skin is so solid that most bullets can not go into it.
image source-Pixabay
8.The Museum of  Dog Collars in UK has a collection  of dog collars.
image source -Pixabay
 Hall of Fame Museum of Texas, USA has  and other insects dressed as famous people.
image source-Pixabay

10. In Bhutan ,archery competitors jump in front of the targets to distract each other.

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Friday, 19 December 2014


Dolphins are smaller, toothed whales which mostly live in salt water oceans but some Dolphins live in rivers too .There are two types of Dolphins - Oceanic Dolphins and River Dolphins.The word dolphin means the fish with womb , it originally comes from an ancient Greek word . Dolphins are mammals  and they belong to the order Cetacea and are considered very wise intelligent and friendly.

Dolphins breathe air with their nose which is on the top of their head. They have soft and smooth skin with no scales. Dolphins are very social animals and they help each other to fight with their enemies like sharks and other predators. They swim in large group or herd. The large group of dolphins is called a pod or school.They communicate with each other by whistling and clicking.
They find their prey by Echolocation , in this way, they make sound waves to locate objects around  them. Dolphins usually eat fishes and squids.

The male dolphins take care  of their young ones (calves) when the mother dolphin has to leave the babies in order to search the food.The male dolphins are called bulls and the female dolphins are called cows.

One very interesting fact about the dolphins is that they have two sides of the brain and when they sleep only one side of their brain sleeps while they keep the one side of brain awake. They also keep their one eye open while sleeping to watch out for their enemies.   Sharks are dolphins' biggest enemies, they always are afraid of sharks.
A dolphin's brain is quite similar to a human's brain. They have very good eyesight too . They can see colors , they can see things in dark and they are able to see an object in the water. Dolphins have an amazing hearing power  they can hear a sound under water.

Bottle nose dolphin (in the image above) is the most common and popular dolphin in the world. 

Hope this article will help you to know about dolphins. 
                                                                                        - Aunt Mary