Wednesday, 23 July 2014



                One little frog,
                went for a jog,
               there was a doggy.....
                poor little froggy....
                scared of dog,
                forgot to jog,
                just ran away.....
                What a bad day!
                                          -Aunt Mary



Thursday, 17 July 2014

Feel the beauty of nature

 Dear children, in today's hectic life style, everyone is so busy with  his or her daily routine, and when we get some free time we like watching television , talking on phones or get busy with computer.We don't have time  to notice and observe the beauty and loveliness of nature. Is it right to overlook the beautiful nature that God has created for us? 
It is not necessary and yet not possible for us that every time we go to the big gardens, parks or resorts to enjoy the natural beauty. The beauty of nature is everywhere if we want to see it and feel it. Just  look around , ' mama nature' is so close to you, she is calling you .. you should take time out from your busy schedule to experience the  company of kind and beautiful nature.

               Did you see ? The plants on your terrace have some lovely                   flowers, mom really cared for these plants so well.

And look at this money plant vine , it grew so big

There is a little birdie sitting  on the tree in front of your house, how cute she is looking !

Let  the sunshine come in through the window 

These flowers adding beauty to your place

A little rain, on your widow pane , enjoy the beauty of rain

Look at the blue sky isn't it wonderful  ?

Wow  ! there is a butterfly on the flowers 

Be happy and keep smiling 
                                                    Love- Aunt Mary

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

"THE MAN WHO NEVER TOLD A LIE" ( African Folktale )

A long time ago in the amazing land of Africa there lived a man . The one thing which was famous about that man was... that he had never lied in his whole life.
 People knew him as '' The man who never told a lie.'' 

This came into the knowledge of king and he ordered his men to get that man and bring him to the court.

The man reached. The king asked him ,'' I have heard that you have 
never told a lie '' ?''
"Yes my king , I have never lied. '' ,The man answered.

''Do you think you will never lie in the future too?"

''Yes my lord ,I will try my best to do that .'' , said the man respectfully.

''That is a very good quality of your's but you can't be so sure about not telling a lie every time in life, anyway you can go now .'' The king let him go.

A few days later the king called the man again and said'' I am going to hunt , the queen is in the other palace and I want you to go to my second palace and tell the queen that after hunting I will meet her and we will enjoy the meal together so she should get ready for that.''
''As you wish your majesty'' , said the man and left the king's palace.

Now king said to the people around him '' I will not go for hunting and I will not go to meet the queen today and... ''The man who never told lie will be proved wrong '' , he laughed aloud .
On the other hand the man reached the queen's palace and went to her and said ...
''O Queen there is a possibility that the king will visit you after the hunt and he might have lunch with you. "

"Tell me clearly will he come or not?" , asked the queen.

''Well, he is the king , he is the master of his own, may be he will come , may be he will not.'' The wise man answered.

Next day the king went to his queen and said that the man lied to her and has been proved false. But the queen told him that the man was very intelligent, he didn't lie to her, he was still
 '' The man who never told a lie.''
                                               - Aunt Mary
                                                                                    (African Folktale )                                                                                                    ( Written in my own words )

Friday, 4 July 2014



                                                                     Rain drops
                                 Little raindrops are dropping all around 
                         Falling on the roofs and falling on ground,

                         Falling on the grass and falling on trees
                         Dropping on plants and dripping from leaves,  

                         Cute little raindrops jump on street 
                         Drip-drop , drip-drop sound so sweet.
                                                                             -Aunt Mary
                                           Little girl with umbrella

Monday, 30 June 2014

'' Baby Care'' By Animals

                                     Look there, mom is coming

 My dear children and friends,  we all are well aware of the fact that  parents look after and care for their babies. They bring them up with  love and by facing a lot of hardships. The process of bringing up the children takes a a lot of time and efforts. Not only humans but animals too understand their duty towards their kids. 
 There are number of animals  on the planet earth who care for their young ones like the human beings do. They feed them, protect them, teach them how to survive and also groom and  pamper them. 
Specially the animal mothers spend a lot of time taking care of their babies.
Here are some beautiful examples that how the animals take care of their little ones.

                                     Mommy! Please give me first! 

  Little baby birds are fed by the mother bird and father bird until     they become able enough to leave their parents' nest.

                                         Come children, let's go for a walk
Male rheas take care of  female's eggs and then look after their babies for a few months. A good dad indeed !                                      

                                                                     I have to hurry up 

Father red fox provides food for mother red fox when she gives birth to her baby. This duty of daddy fox continues for one month till the time she is ready to hunt again .

                                                           Yes, I am a cute baby bat
Bats look after their young ones by keeping them in one large group which is called a nursery.

                                                       I will come with you mom
A baby elephant is born blind so all the female members of the herd look after the new born baby , these females are called 'allmothers'.

                                                I will keep my baby safe         
A lioness is  an amazing mother, she  makes all efforts to keep her baby safe , she often carries her cub in her mouth in order to protect it from danger.
These are only few examples of animals who are very good parents for their kids. There are so many others like them in the animal kingdom.
Hope you liked these facts and enjoyed reading them .
                                                                                      -Aunt Mary

                                                                  I love my mother

Thursday, 26 June 2014


In a beautiful place, there lived a shawl- weaver with his two sons. He weaved shawls and sold them in the market. He made lovely patterns on shawls and he taught the art of shawl weaving very well to both his sons. 

Time passed by ..... the weaver grew older and weaker.
One day he called his two sons and said to them, '' My dear children, now I have become old and weak  and as you know every one has to leave his loved ones one day and I am no exception, but before that I want to give the equal shares of  my savings to both of you and with the help of this money you can start the work of weaving to earn a living after my death.

On one sad day of winter the weaver passed away.

It was a great loss for both young men but they had to recover from the sorrow to move on in their lives.

 The elder brother said to his younger brother '' Now we should concentrate on our work, summer is coming and a lot of tourists come to visit our valley in this season , it will be a good chance for us to earn some good amount of money by selling shawls to them.''
The younger brother who  was a careless and lazy kind of guy , said, '' There are months for tourist season to come , I will do it later.''
The elder brother decided to start the work of weaving , he bought some fine threads and started making shawls.

He told his younger brother, '' Little brother, I have begun my work you should start weaving too, so that we can make some good shawls before the tourist season.''

''I told you , I will do it later , now leave me alone.'', said the younger brother and went to enjoy the company of his friends.
Elder brother did not forget his duty... after some time he again reminded his sibling, '' Bro you haven't started yet , it is a short time left for summer to arrive you should hurry up.'' But got disappointed to get the same answer.

Days flew away like wind, winter gave way to spring ......... Ah.. the summer was too close.
  Now the younger brother  rushed to the market, bought the wool and started  weaving, but it was too late. How could he make some fine shawls like his brother in such a short period of time? The
quality of his shawls was poor and they were not not good- looking at all.
On the other hand the elder one was ready to sell his beautiful shawls.

The Tourist season came...... at the market , everyone was keen to buy the beautiful shawls of elder brother and was ready to pay  the desired prize but nobody was interested in taking the shawls made by younger brother.

He realized his fault but  nothing could be done now.  
He did not listen to his elder brother, he wasted the time and the money of his share. Sadly.. the upcoming days were going to be very difficult for him.
                                    -Aunt Mary 

Thursday, 19 June 2014


                        " No water , no life. No blue , no green ."
                                                                             -Sylvia Earle
Yes, everything , everyone in fact the whole world cannot survive without water. Plants need water , animals need water,  human beings need water to live and survive. Water is the most important resource of nature that is required to ensure our survival. Life can not exist without water.

We need water every day and every time. From drinking to cooking food from bathing to cleaning we use water all the time. Water is also essential for agriculture , for running industries and for transportation.
An average person can stay alive for many days without food but without water it is impossible to live for more than one or two days. 

About 75% of planet earth is water and that is the reason of existence of life on earth. If there will be no water on earth it will become a dead planet like mars which has no life.
As the population of world is increasing the usage of water is increasing too day by day . Because of growing population and pollution  people of almost every part of the world are facing the problem of clean water shortage.Conservation of fresh and clean water is one of the biggest needs of today. We must have to protect and save water if we want to save life on the earth.

We can contribute to conserve the clean water by making some small efforts. These small efforts made by us can save lots of water.  
  Here are some easy ways by which we can save water at our  homes -

              1. Keep the tap closed while you brush your teeth,by 
                  doing this we can save 6 liters of water every minute.                                                        

               2. If you find a dripping tap in your home immediately fix                                it , it will help to save 15 liters of water a day.

         3. Always use a watering pot instead of water pipe for 
             watering the plants a water pipe uses 540 liters of water                            per hour. 

        4. Plug the sink or get a tub to wash dishes in so you don't                             need to let the water run.

         5. Turn off the tap when you are scrubbing your face                                      while washing the face.

       6. We can save many liters of water by taking shorter shower.

     7. Wash only full loads in the washing machine , washing small                      loads needs double amount of water per pound of                                      clothes.

       8. You can wipe your glass widows with a wet cloth rather than             washing it .       

       9. We can use the rinse water from the washing machine for                      mopping the floor.
    10. Wash the vegetables and meat in a container instead by using                    running water.
             We can contribute to conserve water 
                                                              -Aunt Mary